VBS Week

Yay!  So this week is Vacation Bible School at my church, and so far it has been awesome!  Starts at 9am goes till 11:30am, and the kids are having a blast. 🙂  I am in charge of “Recreation” and it has been going pretty well.

Well, summer is fading fast…I can’t believe that the pool will be closing soon.  I haven’t even been to a pool yet!  Except the one during the mission trip.  Oh well!

On Sunday night, we had an awesome party at the church for all of those who went on the mission trip, and it was, like I said, awesome!  My youth pastor and his lovely wife gave out “Paper Plate Awards”, and I was awarded The Understudy, because I took over playing the guitar during the trip for my sister because her hands were very sore from hammering.  Anyways……….

Well, that’s all I have for right now.  I think I might take a nap, I’m so sleepy!  God Bless, and have an amazing time enjoying the HOOOTTT weather! 😀


PS. I’ll be posting some VBS pictures, and maybe a video or two…Or three…

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