Poem Attempt #1

Okay everybody…Brace yourselves!  Here is one of my first poems.  I was playing around the other day and thought I’d write a small, odd, not really rhyming, poem about oranges (I ate an orange before I started writing, and it was very dry).  Any who!  Here is a poem…


  Why so sweet and sometimes sour?
I don’t think we’ll ever know!
  I grab a knife and sit at the table,
Where my orange rolls like a rubber ball.
  Slicing through the rine, the juice squirts out,
As the circuler pieces fall onto my plate.
  Why so round and yet sometimes square?
Why so fresh, like the morning air?
  I’ll end with this (like anyone cares)…..
I love oranges!  (And teddy bears!)
Ha ha!  Alright.  I hope that this morning will bring forth a glorious day!  Now I need to go make some eggs for my baby brother because he has a “Tummy ache”… 🙂
God Bless,
PS. I’ll have to find my first poem that I wrote in January before my oldest sister got married…

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