My Dearest Friend

To a wonderful friend

Though no one knows who

I share this poem of my life with you


I once was lost, but then you found me

My eyes were fogged over

You helped me see clear


You have been by my side

In goodness and sadness

You never left me lonesome

Even when I was ill


So, to my extremely special and sweet friend I write:

May God bless your life and keep you close in mine.

I love you so much!  (You know who you are 🙂 )

And pray that your life will take you quite far.


Much love, (as always.)

Truly Your~


“There are so many people I can call my friends.  So many people who are pure treasures to my life.  So many people I love more dearly then anything!  But there is always that one who you really connect with, and never want to loose sight of…”


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