Fun Photo Day

The other day my sister and I had a dear friend over, and we had a small “Photo Shoot”!  The pictures turned out very pretty, but I’m not going to post any of them here.  (If you would like to see them, click here:

Now, for the main event!  I’ve been snooping around other photography blogs and cooking blogs, and today I felt very inspired to pull out my father’s beautiful Canon EOS REBEL T2i and snap a few shots*sigh*  (For those of you who are sitting there going “What the heck is that?!” It’s an amazing camera! 🙂 )

My sweet sister, Skylar, made the most incredible crepes I’ve ever seen or tasted!  And usually I am not the crepe kinda gal. 😉  But these were an exception…Enjoy!  (And for those of you who have never tasted a crepe, it is a very very thin pancake like thing with chocolate hazelnut Nutella.  And you can add fruit and whip cream to your hearts content!)

This isn’t a very good picture, but I like it!

One of those things that you might call Heaven On Earth…




And, the finished product!!!  Crepe A La Skylar~

Eli.  And Josh creeping in the background. 🙂

Yum!  First bite.

They were so crispy and good!

Johnny Blue!  We all at least had two each, but for a big, strong, growing boy, three is an exception. 🙂  Ha ha!


On to other things going on in the Barger House…

Some random shots.

This is our sweet kitty, Clay. 🙂  He just got home from my dad’s office (he had a severe break in his right arm, poor kitty).

As you can see here, Gracious wouldn’t look at me…Ugh!

Then when she FINALLY looked at me, she got a little too close.  Oh well!

Ah, music!

I’m learning some Jane Austen on the piano…A song from “Emma”

I got some new sunglasses at Walgreens.  What do ya think?!

Look at the blue inside!!



I’ve been trying to read a lot lately…So far I haven’t been doing a very good job! 😛  I did read The Hobbit (very good) and Little Women (wonderful book!).  And I’m reading Oliver Twist…(Interesting so far)

As you can see here, I’ve been reading some good poetry as well…It is a wonderful thing to read in a British accent! 😀


More Random Pics!

Oh, what a pretty sight.

Our last hydrangea in colorful bloom!  (A slight fuzzy picture, sorry)

This rose smelled amazing.

Which came first, the chicken or…

The egg??!!  Ha ha…(Sadly we had to throw these eggs away because we didn’t know how long they had been in the pen)


Mario and Sweet Boys…..

The boys got an awesome Super Mario poster the other day and they asked if I’d take a picture of it. 🙂

Awkward closeup on Eli…But SO cute!

And, an awkward, but cute, closeup on John.


I think that’s all I have to share…Oh wait (I almost forgot)!  You’ll never guess who paid us a visit…The TransFormers!!!  Bumblebee, Ironhide, and Optimus Prime…Enjoy the pics we got of them. 🙂

O. Prime & Ironhide

Bumblebee, or as we would say “Bumbleloo” or “Bubba Bee” 😉

Ironhide & Bumblebee

Ironhide & Bumblebee showing off some muscle!

Ironhide & O. Prime

Ironhide, Optimus Prime, Bumblebee.  (Behind the masks: Eli B. as O. Prime, John B. as Ironhide, and Cael B. as Bumblebee)

Well, there you have it!  (NOTE: These TF pictures were taken by Skylar Barger…Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SYLVIE! 😀  I tried to post this before 12am, on the 15th, but that didn’t happen…)

Have an amazing rest of the week, and pray for America!!

God Bless it!


“I’ve got a hammer, and a heart of glass…All the suffering and all the pain, never left a name.  I’m in the war of my life, at the door of my life, out of time and there’s nowhere to run…” -War of My Life John Mayer


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jayne Huber
    Sep 15, 2011 @ 07:42:40

    AMAZING talent you have my dear niece! These crepes I want to eat RIGHT NOW!! YOU ARE A GREAT PHOTOGRAPHER!! You captured Eli’s beautiful eyes SO well! What else can I say . . . you are using the talents God gave you to HIS glory! PRAISE BE TO HIM!!



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