Christmas presents, already?

Good grief!  It is absolutely impossible that it’s November 21st, 2011!  Okay–obviously it’s not ‘IMPOSSIBLE’ (as the quote on the top of the Home Page says 😉 ), but I still can’t believe it…only three days until Thanksgiving?  Holy cow!  I had so many ideas for blog posts this month, and then before I knew it, it’s almost December already!  (I guess those posts will have to wait, which means all of the dear people reading this will have to wait to read all of my ideas…*sigh* sorry guys)  Hopefully next month will be chucked full of Goodies!

Right now I’m sitting on my bed getting ready to order a Christmas present for my little sister, Sylvie.  I drew her name in the Christmas present drawing this year.  I hope she’s happy with what I finally decided on!  Lately I’ve been doing lots of different crafts such as–cross stitching, knitting, and making paper doll chains!  It’s my new favorite thing, making paper doll chains that is.  I JUST learned how to do it about four hours ago from a YouTube video I was watching…and I’m pretty good at it too–just saying! 🙂  (Mainly my crafts have been bits and pieces of Christmas presents for people and decorations for my room, like paper snow flakes to tape to the windows!  You can’t go through December without making a paper snow flake.)

Here is a happy little “Paper Person”!

I made normal (2 inch) sized ones,

and mini ones!  The mini ones are definitely my favorite.

Here is my cross stitching I’ve been working on.  It’s three pansies tied with ribbons (of course, you can’t tell because I only took a picture of one pansy). So far it’s coming along pretty well.  Almost finished!

I am making that pink scarf, STILL.  It’s been twenty-five inches long for about two years!  With the blue I am making a hat like the red one I made a few months ago.  (Oh, I haven’t posted a picture of my red hat yet.  (Let’s do that, Jenny…)

Odd picture, but I made that hat! 😀

Well, I suppose I should order that present now so it will get here in time!  I hope everyone has a great week, and may your Thanksgiving be very blessed!  We have so much to be thankful for.  At least, I know I do.  God Bless, and eat a lot of food! 🙂



For the Land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave

Thank you to all who have served our country, died for our country, and to all who are serving today.  May God truly bless you and bring us to an even brighter tomorrow…

Happy Veterans Day!  I hope that it is a joyful one for you all.

Supposedly a bunch of people are being “Unique” and getting married on 11/11/2011!!  I wonder what the final count of weddings today is so far…?!  Well, may they all be blessed.

My prayer is that our country will be brought back together and that we will be One Nation Under God.

“For the land of the FREE, and the home of the BRAVE…”

Have a wonderful day, a great weekend, and a blessed 11/11/2011!!

God Bless.


My Little Lime-Green iPod

Music is a wonderful thing.  I honestly couldn’t imagine what my life would be like without any music!?!  When I was a dancer I was involved with music a lot.  It was very nice.  One of my favorite things about music and dance is being able to dance perfectly with each beat.  The flow of it is just so beautiful.

Today I turned my poor iPod on, and I listened to some of the best songs!

I LOVE that song! She’s Always A  Woman To Me by Billy Joel…It is such a great song!

As I am sitting here, the rain is falling hard outside.  This is one of the best times to listen to music.  When it’s raining and gloomy outside. 🙂  Or maybe that’s just me…

That is another wonderful song.  The Wailin’ Jennys is a great music group!  It’s kind of cool how my name is in their title.  Ha ha!  Do you ever wonder why some things are named what they are?

Since I have been sick, I haven’t been able to sing, which is not fun for me!  Singing is so wonderful!!!  Anyone who doesn’t like to sing is a crazy person.  I mean, I understand if you are uncomfortable while you are singing, or if you don’t have a good singing voice, but it’s a great thing!

Judy, Judy, JUDY!  I’ve never really loved Judy Garland’s voice, but it is quite amazing what she can do with it, and she was a very good actress.  I Got Rhythm is such a good song too.  It’s a George Gershwin tune (he was an amazing pianist).  I actually did a ballet dance to that song.

There are so many different genres of music, and every artist has such a different style, no one’s the same.  There is weird music out there, and some crazy artists, but that’s what is so cool!  I’ve never really been a huge heavy metal fan though…Lately piano music has really stuck out to my interest.  I could sit and listen to Claire de Lune, To A Wild Rose, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, all day long!

Then, of course, there are some great Christian groups, songs and wonderful hymns.  If my iPod held more then it does, I would be putting much more music on it.  Sometimes when we get new songs on our iTunes or a new CD to download to the computer, I have to do ‘Eni Mini Miny Mo’ to get rid of a few songs or albums to make space for the new.

Caedmon’s Call is a great Christian group.  Their style is cool, and a lot of their songs are fun to sing along with.

Oh, and you can never forget The Beach Boys!!!  Listening to them brings back so many memories of dancing around with my sisters when we were all little. 🙂  And The Beatles, Nat King Cole, Jim Croce, and Michael Buble (he’s famous now, but I had to throw him in there!).  So many more!

Now I will share with you why my iPod is so poor and confused.  First I must say, my iPod has been known to erase ALL of my music, freeze in the middle of a song, and sometimes not turn off…Annoying, but I love it!  A few months ago it fell out of a bag and got run over by a car.  Here are some pictures of the slight damage it has (I am surprised it didn’t break in half or totally ruin it).

There is a crack in the top of the screen, and a little nick on the right side.

And it’s dented where the charging cord goes…But the cord still fits!  Then there are little scrapes and scratches all over it.

All in all, I love my little, lime green, iPod nano!  I am very thankful for it.


“Dear God, thank you for the blessing of music and singing and the talented people who share it with us!  May we all live to sing and worship you.  In Christ’s name I pray, Amen.”

Halloween Pictures

As I promised, here are some Halloween pictures. 🙂  I didn’t take tons, and I’m not going to post all of them, but enjoy what you see.

We painted these Trader Joe’s bags, full of candy, for a scavenger hunt!

(Esme painting)

We painted different faces on them all and the little kids had a great time finding them!

We carved pumpkins!!

They turned out cool!  I still haven’t carved mine…

“Ace Frehley” (aka- Adam!)  My older sister (his wife) painted his face.

After the kids found all of the scavenger hunt bags, they stood around the table and took turns taking 2-3 pieces of candy at a time until the bags were mostly empty.  (Of course, you had to leave some candy for the ‘Big Kids’!)

FOOD!  All the snacks were very enjoyable…

Especially the cupcakes!


Now for some costumes!

Optimus-Hulk-Man! (Eli.  He was Optimus Prime, and Davis brought the Hulk hands, and a friend made the Iron Man mask)

(left) Sylvie-Pokemon Trainer, (middle) Ana-Karate Girl, (right) Esme-Pirate!  ARRRR!

The Pokemon Trainers!  Josh and Sylvie.  (Ana and Davis in the background, and Bessie off to the right side, haha)

Spidy-Cael…He was so cute!  But, right before people started getting to our house, he took his costume off and out footie pajamas on instead!  Then towards the end of the night he put his costume back on.

Me…Not a super picture, but there’s my costume!

Bess and I.

Again, Jane Austen Gals!  (this ones for Hailee! 🙂 )

John…I mean, Lizard Boy.  I didn’t take any other pics of him!  On his face you’ll notice, my mom drew scales.  Ha ha!

(left) Brooke-Ski Girl, (middle) Skylar-Mermaid, (right) Caty-Robin Hood

Onto other things…

“Hulk” revealing his anger!  (Poor Bess)

Again, Hulk being angry!  (Cael looks so cute in that costume!)

Adam and Ben.

CUTE little boys!  (left) John, (middle) Fletcher, (right) Cael.

Cute boys, again!

I love babies!  He was pretty happy all night.  (He his our friends baby)

Me and Bessie!  I liked this picture.

GROUP PICTURE!!!  Well, this isn’t everyone, just the people who so happened to be standing there. 🙂  (Skylar, Sylvie, Davis, Ana, Caty, Brooke, Me)


The BLUE Wig

So, Skylar got a florescent blue wig to wear because she was going to be Katy Perry, but she ended up being a mermaid and she only wore the wig for a few minutes…With that said!  The wig was just laying around…..Here’s what happens when a wig is laying around (Apparently my dad was wearing it, and I didn’t get a picture of him, Bess, or Ana wearing it!).





And Ben!

Ha ha!

It was fun and I think we all had a good time.

REPORT: I am doing MUCH better today, but I have that annoying nonstop cough, and my nose has been pretty stuffed up!  We were suppose to take my mom to dinner tonight for her birthday (her birthday is on the 5th), but I might have to miss out because I’ll need to get up to blow my nose A LOT!  Don’t really want to do that in a restaurant…Any who!  Have a great rest of the week, and God Bless!


(post 45)

Cough, hack, sneeze…

Oh boy…I tried to post something for Halloween, but I ended up watching a movie Monday night and was very tired when it ended!  Then, of course, I was going to post something yesterday like: “Happy November 1st!!”  but, *sniff*, I got sick!!  NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The #1 thing I DON’T LIKE about cold weather is getting sick!  I never get sick in the spring or summer or even early fall, but when it’s cold (flu season!), I get attacked very easily…As of right now, I don’t know what kind of sickness I have, but it’s not fun. *cough*  Last night my total sleep was…An hour probably!  And yesterday morning I lost my voice!!  (Really, I don’t mean to rant!  But this is my blog, so I’m going to 😉 )  Anyway.

I hope everyone had a good Halloween?!  We had a few friends over and we dressed up and had a good time.  Bess and I’s Jane Austen dresses turned out very nice indeed!  They were comfortable too.  I PROMISE I’ll post pictures…(All my pics are on my laptop, and I’m on the computer downstairs, lame)  It’s crazy how October is gone already, and there are only 2 more months left of 2011!  WOW!!!  Well, spend them wisely, and try not to get sick! *sneeze*  Alright!  I should rest, drink lots of water, and try to get better…..Yeah right!  Have a great week, and if you think about it, pray I will get better soon (this is not a good time to get sick)!  Thank you.  May your November days be blessed.