Cough, hack, sneeze…

Oh boy…I tried to post something for Halloween, but I ended up watching a movie Monday night and was very tired when it ended!  Then, of course, I was going to post something yesterday like: “Happy November 1st!!”  but, *sniff*, I got sick!!  NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The #1 thing I DON’T LIKE about cold weather is getting sick!  I never get sick in the spring or summer or even early fall, but when it’s cold (flu season!), I get attacked very easily…As of right now, I don’t know what kind of sickness I have, but it’s not fun. *cough*  Last night my total sleep was…An hour probably!  And yesterday morning I lost my voice!!  (Really, I don’t mean to rant!  But this is my blog, so I’m going to 😉 )  Anyway.

I hope everyone had a good Halloween?!  We had a few friends over and we dressed up and had a good time.  Bess and I’s Jane Austen dresses turned out very nice indeed!  They were comfortable too.  I PROMISE I’ll post pictures…(All my pics are on my laptop, and I’m on the computer downstairs, lame)  It’s crazy how October is gone already, and there are only 2 more months left of 2011!  WOW!!!  Well, spend them wisely, and try not to get sick! *sneeze*  Alright!  I should rest, drink lots of water, and try to get better…..Yeah right!  Have a great week, and if you think about it, pray I will get better soon (this is not a good time to get sick)!  Thank you.  May your November days be blessed.



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