Halloween Pictures

As I promised, here are some Halloween pictures. 🙂  I didn’t take tons, and I’m not going to post all of them, but enjoy what you see.

We painted these Trader Joe’s bags, full of candy, for a scavenger hunt!

(Esme painting)

We painted different faces on them all and the little kids had a great time finding them!

We carved pumpkins!!

They turned out cool!  I still haven’t carved mine…

“Ace Frehley” (aka- Adam!)  My older sister (his wife) painted his face.

After the kids found all of the scavenger hunt bags, they stood around the table and took turns taking 2-3 pieces of candy at a time until the bags were mostly empty.  (Of course, you had to leave some candy for the ‘Big Kids’!)

FOOD!  All the snacks were very enjoyable…

Especially the cupcakes!


Now for some costumes!

Optimus-Hulk-Man! (Eli.  He was Optimus Prime, and Davis brought the Hulk hands, and a friend made the Iron Man mask)

(left) Sylvie-Pokemon Trainer, (middle) Ana-Karate Girl, (right) Esme-Pirate!  ARRRR!

The Pokemon Trainers!  Josh and Sylvie.  (Ana and Davis in the background, and Bessie off to the right side, haha)

Spidy-Cael…He was so cute!  But, right before people started getting to our house, he took his costume off and out footie pajamas on instead!  Then towards the end of the night he put his costume back on.

Me…Not a super picture, but there’s my costume!

Bess and I.

Again, Jane Austen Gals!  (this ones for Hailee! 🙂 )

John…I mean, Lizard Boy.  I didn’t take any other pics of him!  On his face you’ll notice, my mom drew scales.  Ha ha!

(left) Brooke-Ski Girl, (middle) Skylar-Mermaid, (right) Caty-Robin Hood

Onto other things…

“Hulk” revealing his anger!  (Poor Bess)

Again, Hulk being angry!  (Cael looks so cute in that costume!)

Adam and Ben.

CUTE little boys!  (left) John, (middle) Fletcher, (right) Cael.

Cute boys, again!

I love babies!  He was pretty happy all night.  (He his our friends baby)

Me and Bessie!  I liked this picture.

GROUP PICTURE!!!  Well, this isn’t everyone, just the people who so happened to be standing there. 🙂  (Skylar, Sylvie, Davis, Ana, Caty, Brooke, Me)


The BLUE Wig

So, Skylar got a florescent blue wig to wear because she was going to be Katy Perry, but she ended up being a mermaid and she only wore the wig for a few minutes…With that said!  The wig was just laying around…..Here’s what happens when a wig is laying around (Apparently my dad was wearing it, and I didn’t get a picture of him, Bess, or Ana wearing it!).





And Ben!

Ha ha!

It was fun and I think we all had a good time.

REPORT: I am doing MUCH better today, but I have that annoying nonstop cough, and my nose has been pretty stuffed up!  We were suppose to take my mom to dinner tonight for her birthday (her birthday is on the 5th), but I might have to miss out because I’ll need to get up to blow my nose A LOT!  Don’t really want to do that in a restaurant…Any who!  Have a great rest of the week, and God Bless!


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  1. Hailee
    Nov 03, 2011 @ 17:17:15

    GREAT pictures Jennifer!!!(I especially like the one with you and Bess :)Your dress looked AWESOME!!!Thanks for uploading the pictures:)Hope you feel COMPLETELY better soon!!!


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