My Little Lime-Green iPod

Music is a wonderful thing.  I honestly couldn’t imagine what my life would be like without any music!?!  When I was a dancer I was involved with music a lot.  It was very nice.  One of my favorite things about music and dance is being able to dance perfectly with each beat.  The flow of it is just so beautiful.

Today I turned my poor iPod on, and I listened to some of the best songs!

I LOVE that song! She’s Always A  Woman To Me by Billy Joel…It is such a great song!

As I am sitting here, the rain is falling hard outside.  This is one of the best times to listen to music.  When it’s raining and gloomy outside. 🙂  Or maybe that’s just me…

That is another wonderful song.  The Wailin’ Jennys is a great music group!  It’s kind of cool how my name is in their title.  Ha ha!  Do you ever wonder why some things are named what they are?

Since I have been sick, I haven’t been able to sing, which is not fun for me!  Singing is so wonderful!!!  Anyone who doesn’t like to sing is a crazy person.  I mean, I understand if you are uncomfortable while you are singing, or if you don’t have a good singing voice, but it’s a great thing!

Judy, Judy, JUDY!  I’ve never really loved Judy Garland’s voice, but it is quite amazing what she can do with it, and she was a very good actress.  I Got Rhythm is such a good song too.  It’s a George Gershwin tune (he was an amazing pianist).  I actually did a ballet dance to that song.

There are so many different genres of music, and every artist has such a different style, no one’s the same.  There is weird music out there, and some crazy artists, but that’s what is so cool!  I’ve never really been a huge heavy metal fan though…Lately piano music has really stuck out to my interest.  I could sit and listen to Claire de Lune, To A Wild Rose, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, all day long!

Then, of course, there are some great Christian groups, songs and wonderful hymns.  If my iPod held more then it does, I would be putting much more music on it.  Sometimes when we get new songs on our iTunes or a new CD to download to the computer, I have to do ‘Eni Mini Miny Mo’ to get rid of a few songs or albums to make space for the new.

Caedmon’s Call is a great Christian group.  Their style is cool, and a lot of their songs are fun to sing along with.

Oh, and you can never forget The Beach Boys!!!  Listening to them brings back so many memories of dancing around with my sisters when we were all little. 🙂  And The Beatles, Nat King Cole, Jim Croce, and Michael Buble (he’s famous now, but I had to throw him in there!).  So many more!

Now I will share with you why my iPod is so poor and confused.  First I must say, my iPod has been known to erase ALL of my music, freeze in the middle of a song, and sometimes not turn off…Annoying, but I love it!  A few months ago it fell out of a bag and got run over by a car.  Here are some pictures of the slight damage it has (I am surprised it didn’t break in half or totally ruin it).

There is a crack in the top of the screen, and a little nick on the right side.

And it’s dented where the charging cord goes…But the cord still fits!  Then there are little scrapes and scratches all over it.

All in all, I love my little, lime green, iPod nano!  I am very thankful for it.


“Dear God, thank you for the blessing of music and singing and the talented people who share it with us!  May we all live to sing and worship you.  In Christ’s name I pray, Amen.”


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  1. Jayne Huber
    Nov 10, 2011 @ 20:55:31

    Amen, Jenny! I LOVE music. It reminds me of parts of my life and places I have been. SO awesome. I do worship God the very best when singing to Him. I think in Heaven all of our voices are going to be glorious! I know even though we think we cannot sing well now, all voices sound great when we are singing to God!

    Yes, thank you God for music, and for Jenny who just reminded me of the blessing of music!


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