Christmas presents, already?

Good grief!  It is absolutely impossible that it’s November 21st, 2011!  Okay–obviously it’s not ‘IMPOSSIBLE’ (as the quote on the top of the Home Page says 😉 ), but I still can’t believe it…only three days until Thanksgiving?  Holy cow!  I had so many ideas for blog posts this month, and then before I knew it, it’s almost December already!  (I guess those posts will have to wait, which means all of the dear people reading this will have to wait to read all of my ideas…*sigh* sorry guys)  Hopefully next month will be chucked full of Goodies!

Right now I’m sitting on my bed getting ready to order a Christmas present for my little sister, Sylvie.  I drew her name in the Christmas present drawing this year.  I hope she’s happy with what I finally decided on!  Lately I’ve been doing lots of different crafts such as–cross stitching, knitting, and making paper doll chains!  It’s my new favorite thing, making paper doll chains that is.  I JUST learned how to do it about four hours ago from a YouTube video I was watching…and I’m pretty good at it too–just saying! 🙂  (Mainly my crafts have been bits and pieces of Christmas presents for people and decorations for my room, like paper snow flakes to tape to the windows!  You can’t go through December without making a paper snow flake.)

Here is a happy little “Paper Person”!

I made normal (2 inch) sized ones,

and mini ones!  The mini ones are definitely my favorite.

Here is my cross stitching I’ve been working on.  It’s three pansies tied with ribbons (of course, you can’t tell because I only took a picture of one pansy). So far it’s coming along pretty well.  Almost finished!

I am making that pink scarf, STILL.  It’s been twenty-five inches long for about two years!  With the blue I am making a hat like the red one I made a few months ago.  (Oh, I haven’t posted a picture of my red hat yet.  (Let’s do that, Jenny…)

Odd picture, but I made that hat! 😀

Well, I suppose I should order that present now so it will get here in time!  I hope everyone has a great week, and may your Thanksgiving be very blessed!  We have so much to be thankful for.  At least, I know I do.  God Bless, and eat a lot of food! 🙂



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