Vintage Notes and Chicken Coops


As you might notice from the title, this post will be about old cards and chicken houses… 🙂

We have five hens, we got them right before Easter this year, and my father is building them a beautiful wooden coop in the backyard!  It looks great so far and I can’t wait to see the finished product (I’ll be updating on the chicken coop a lot as it progresses).

A few MONTHS ago I went to an antique store and bought two old Sympathy cards that I LOVE!!  I wish there were still cards today that were so sweet and so pretty.  Enough of me typing!  Here are some pictures. 🙂

It was getting dark when I took these pictures

Looks good, right?

Okay…you can’t really tell, but this picture is of all the muddy paw prints all over the beautiful wood floor!  *ugh* Dogs!! 😛

The ‘Fan’ card.  (front says “So Sorry You Are Sick!”)

(inside of card) A sweet note!

(the left side inside of card)  Like the note said, if you lift up each fan, there are a few encouraging words inside! 🙂

Card #2

(front of card says “May You Soon Be Well!”)  This one is pretty.

On the front of the card, there is a tiny card, and if you keep unfolding it you can write a message in it.

(inside of card)  On the left side there is a little cluster of pink flowers.


On Sunday we had a White Elephant party at our house for the youth group at church, and it was a lot of fun!  First I opened a pack of baseball cards, but someone ‘stole’ them from me.  Here is what I ended up with…

a BIG, clear, air-soft gun with green bullets!  Like I’ll EVER use it…actually, I might have a reason to one day. 😉


I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas!?!  This time last year Bess and Sarah were both getting engaged, and we were snowed in our house for a week, and I was still dancing!  Now, Bess and Sarah are married, there is no snow, and instead of dancing, I am sitting around doing nothing…nothing athletic that is.  Life!  It just wants to keep moving forward

I hope everyone has a glorious rest of December, and I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!  May it be marvelous!! 🙂

God Bless,



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