Happy New Year 2012!

As I cheer and yell “Happy New Year” to the world, I hear fireworks going off from each side of me and I hear the sweet voices which I have grown up with and loved all my life surround me as we share smiles and laughter and our resolutions with each other…my darling baby brother, with his glass of sparkling cider, says “Happy New Year” and “Cheers” as he walks through the house with all the ‘giants’ walking around him and pushing him over–so sweet he is and precious his little voice.  Sweet memories I’ve made and will continue to make and keep as the New Year comes around.  I am truly happy and very excited about what’s to come!  God Bless the new year, and may it truly be a prosperous year for us all…

With much love, and may the Lord be with you in 2012.  Here’s to 2011!  So long and farewell!  Here’s to 2012…welcome with open arms!


Thank you to all who have followed my blog, looked at my blog, commented on my blog, and supported me through this year.  I appreciate it very much!  🙂  Love, Jennafifi at http://www.wordpress.com (post #55)


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