Last night we had a surprise birthday party for my sister, Skylar, and it turned out AWESOME!  I’d love to post pictures, but my sisters and friends took the pics, so I don’t have any to share right now, but I’ll try to post a few some time. 🙂

Hopefully everyone’s First Week of January is going well so far?  It’s so exciting going into a new year.  I, personally, am very excited about this year.  You never know what will or could happen.  I hope we have safe winter weather though…

Here’s a secret.  I don’t like the winter!  The cold weather is WONDERFUL, but I don’t like the snow.  Two reasons: 1. It makes it life threatening to drive!  2. I don’t like messing it up (the snow, that is).  Ha ha 🙂

So, I guess I don’t like the snow…

One thing I love about the snow though is watching it fall.  I love how it’s completely silent and white.  So pretty!  Other then that, it’s not one of my “Favorite” things.

I wrote a poem that I will post soon, hopefully.  It needs a little editing and fixing up.  Have an amazing first week of 2012, and try to have an amazing 2012!!

God Bless,



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