Alpacas and the Circus Part 1

~Destiny Alpacas~

So, this part will be about our fun, cold, and LATE trip to the Destiny Alpaca farm on Friday!  Here we go!

We left around 4 o’clock and it took about two and a half hours to get there (that including stops that we had to make).  We arrived JUST when the sun was setting, and since they lived on a hill, you could see every, single, inch of the sunset!  It was BEAUTIFUL!


I went sky crazy and took more pictures of the clouds then the cute, fluffy, adorable creatures surrounding me! 🙂  Seriously…if I could live inside of the sunset, I would be so happy.


We did go for a reason, not just for the heck of it!  In April, we will be getting two alpacas.  A male and a female.  The male is reddish brown color, and the girl is a yellow-cream like color.  They are both adorable and beautiful!


They already had names, of course, and we weren’t too impressed…Danger Zone is the boy and Sahara is the girl. 😐  Ha ha.  We just might change that!  Aren’t they CUTE!?!  (Note: Danger Zone is the little brown one in the picture on the left.  The big one is his mom.)

Now for some BIG alpacas!  The owners live on twelve acres, and they own thirty alpacas–what?!!  They said that ten alpacas can live happily on one acre!  They are very smart animals for the most part, and pretty easy to care for.

This big guy is Sahara’s dad I believe…I honestly don’t remember?!  (I’ll post whatever I said wrong at the end)  He was HUGE as you might be able to tell from the photo.  The man holding his neck is one of the owners, and he was pretty tall, so that’s one big alpaca.

This guy is Crockett, Danger Zones dad if I’m not mistaken…of course, this could be Sahara’s dad and the white guy could be D.Zone’s dad, but I DON’T REMEMBER!?!  He was really gorgeous and soft though.

The sunset fading away…

Now onto the barn where all the females reside!

Real quick!  Before we go “inside”, these two little guys above were adorable!  I believe the white one’s name is Nicholas, but I didn’t catch the brown one’s name…but doesn’t he look angry?

Goodbye Sun!!!!  *sniff*  Ha ha

We were all very happy to go inside, especially Cael. 🙂  It was FREEZING outside, and very windy, and somehow no one heard mom before we left when she told us all to get on warm clothes!  Oh well.

All over the place they had alpacas!  Real, fluffy dolls, signs, etc…it was cute (of course you would think that an alpaca breeding farm would have alpacas everywhere)!


It was very warm and fuzzy inside.  The little building we first walked into was the front of their barn which was their little store!  They make gloves, hats, scarves, socks, little pouches, and other things–they were all SO soft!


Cute stuff, huh?!  The baby hat above and the teddy bear were my favorites.  I also liked the scarves!  The bear was so soft, it didn’t even feel like you were touching it.

Here is the first batch.  The brown one in the front is Sahara’s mom.

The lady to the left is the other owner!  They were both as sweet as could be, and she loved all the little kids! 🙂


They were showing us how to balance the alpacas necks and they showed us the soft hooves, and Sahara was playing games.


Batch Two!

These four alpacas, female, were very sweet, especially the one on the left; her name is Carty (I don’t know how they spell that?!).


The brown alpaca above was very pretty.  Pictures are great, but there is nothing like seeing it in person!


Carty really liked Sylvie.  She even gave her a kiss! 😉

So yeah!  There’s the alpaca farm! 😀

Now, we were going to stay for half an hour maybe, but (of course) we were there until a little after 8 o’clock…and we got there a little after 6 o’clock! 😛  When we did leave, finally, we headed down to an IHop, but we did not arrive at one until 9:30-ish because there wasn’t one up in the mountains–only Waffle House!  THEN, when we got there, we stayed there for a l-o-n-g time…got home at 12 o’clock AM…but it was a fun trip and Sarah, Adam, and Bessie got to come with us. 🙂


Here are a couple other things that have been going on…nothing much, but I just wanted to share that almost all of my seeds have sprouted!!!  I am so happy that they are all doing well so far!

And, I finished my cross-stitching!  I really like how it turned out.


I hope this week is a wonderful one for everybody.  God Bless, and I will be writing about the circus tomorrow and there will be pictures! 😀  Yay!



The Weekend

Lately my weekends have been jam packed and exciting! 🙂  That’s always nice…especially when you are so used to doing nothing at all.  It’s nice to be able to leave the place you are always at 24/7!

Anyway…I would post about my exciting weekend NOW, but I have to babysit…there for it’s going to have to wait until tomorrow.  I’m thinking that I will make it Two Parts!  One part about Alpacas, and the second part about the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey CIRCUS!!! 😀  Ha ha.  I have four words…..GO TO THE CIRCUS (you won’t regret it.)!

Tomorrow then?!  Have a great night and a blessed week.


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Creative Sky

To start out…IT IS AMAZING OUTSIDE!!!  It could be a little colder, but it’s still lovely. 🙂  So breezy and cool, then you get in the sun and it’s so warm…hopefully summer won’t come too soon this year.


Okay.  This post I am dedicating to my sister, Skylar, (click on her name) BECAUSE she is one of my sister, and one of the most creative and talented people I know!  I would like to try and do a post about all of my sibling, including brother-in-laws.  (Don’t worry siblings I won’t share any deep, dark, secrets…..mwahahahaha!)

Anyway!  Here are a few things to know about Skylar: She is a great drawing and painting artist, she is a great singer and musician, she is a fantastic photographer full of new and creative ideas, she is a magnificent cook, she is very strong in her faith and relationship with Christ, and she is, well,  awesome!  Of course, NO ONE is perfect, and we all have plenty of flaws, but she is a very wonderful girl besides her flaws.  Here are a few pictures of her creativeness!  Enjoy. 🙂


Sky has pictures and colorful accented things all over her room.  (Her walls are light grey, and her furniture is white, so it looks nice with lots of colors)  She took almost all the pictures in the pictures above!


The other day (a few weeks ago) she made a bunch of paper origami cranes and made a mobile out of them!  It looks beautiful in her room and they start big and get tiny (as you can see)!


I’m not sure if she made this up or got an idea from Martha Stewart, but she made this adorable little rabbit figure holding a chick for an Easter decoration.  Very neat.


Also  (for Easter inspiration) she made me some little pom-pom bunnies!  They have glittery ears and little felt bows–so adorable!  (The paper they are on top of is an envelope that she decorated for me.  The music notes are an awesome rubber stamp that she got at Michael’s for $1!)


For Valentines Day she kindly made for me some beautiful hearts!  The little pink one is a “broach” that I wore on V-Day (she also made a red one for me), and the red one with beads (as you can see) is a bleeding heart.  The bleeding heart is hanging on the window in my room.


LOOK!  She made a silhouette of me!! 😀  She also made one of herself!  I thought that was awesome (I should get a frame for it).


Awesome clock, huh?!  And her window with little “inspiring” figures on it…ha ha!  And her name in white letter, of course.

And last, but not least, a Cupie!  I mean, who can get inspired without a cute little cupie on their desk?! 😉

Sometimes I get jealous of Skylar because she is so good at art and stuff like that,  but then I sit back and think I am just so blessed to have a sister like her and to be able to learn how to make stuff from her and try my hardest to do well!  Ha ha

 I could post MUCH more, but I would spend my whole day inside posting pictures!  I love Skylar, and I love how creative and artistic she is.  It will be wonderful seeing her grow in the things she loves doing.


I hope that was enjoyable, maybe inspiring, and whatever else is might have been!  Today is glorious, so I must not waste another moment inside!  I will be posting soon.  Have a great rest if the day.




I started my flower seeds today!  It’s so exciting getting seeds started; the only thing that’s not too fun is seeing if they will grow!  Hopefully they will make me happy. 🙂

Flowers are so wonderful!  And growing them is a blast.  Last time I grew from seeds a lot of the plants died after they sprouted, which was sad.  But I did get a few beautiful Holly-Hock plants that (to this day) are still alive and giving us glorious pink and white blooms!

My favorite flowers are: Pansies, Bleeding Hearts, Holly-Hocks, and Poppies…and a bunch of others too, but all of the above are my FAVORITES!  Today I planted Snapdragons, Canterbury Bells, Zinnias, Nasturtiums, Sweet Peas, and Holly-Hocks.  Yay! 😀

So, tomorrow I will be posting once again…..and it will be a very “creative” post!  If you need any inspiration, READ IT!  Of course, it’s no creative knowledge from me to you, but it is from someone…hee hee hee…you’ll just have to wait and see what I sow.  L-O-L

Alrighty!  Have a glorious rest of this very nice Wednesday, and I hope that if you are planting things that they will grow well and give you beautiful blooms this year!  God Bless.


My Time at Bessie’s House

So, on Sunday after church I got to go up to Jasper and stay with Bess and Davis.  Our plan was to record three or four songs, but we ended up having a lazy, but fun, time together. 🙂

I spent the night and got home on Monday at 10:30pm!!!  So really I spent two days at their house–it was lots of fun!  I probably shouldn’t have eaten so many candy hearts though…or other delicious treats (oh well). 😉

We only recorded two songs, BUT, it was so much fun and they both sound awesome!  We recorded in Bess’s living room.  The computer was on the coffee table, we set the mic up, sat down, put the big headphones on and got to work!

Bessie recording.

We recorded Hands On The Wheel by Willie Nelson first.  I played guitar and sang the “lead” and Bessie sang the harmony.  The sound of that song needs a tiny bit of softening and fixing, but it sounds very nice.

Davis recording

The second song–and last song–we recorded was The Way I Am by Ingrid Michaelson.  Davis helped us out with this one, and he sounded great.  Click here if you would like to hear our finished product (if I do say so myself…IT’S AWESOME!!!).  I love that song and it was great fun recording it with Bess and Davis! 🙂

Me Recording

 Anyway.  It was a great Sunday and Monday at the Miller house and I hope to do it again very soon.  You don’t even know how great it feels to record something and have  it turn out nicely!  We were all excited about the outcome.

Sweet little Hana

Have a great week guys.  Hopefully there will be some cool and enjoyable posts coming up, so keep your eyes open.  Thank you for stopping by to anyone who’s never been here, and God bless! Much love,


Droopy Eyes

Phew…I have had a good start to my week so far. 🙂  It is quite late to post all about it, but I am planning on posting tomorrow!  Some cool pictures, play by play on what went on the past couple of days (not an exact play by play), and maybe a video or audio of something at the end.

Right now I am really tired–my eyes are all droopy, so it’s only fair to let them rest. 😉  Write tomorrow!



Colors are first on the list.  The rainbow makes me want to smile.

Glitter is next on the list; anything shiny or sparkly really.

The beauty of both things together is quite a sight to see.

But what makes it even more enjoyable is having colorful, sparkly, gel-pens!


I wrote that with my colorful, sparkly, gel-pens the other day…..just thought I’d post it!  It’s random, but whatever! 😉  Much love,


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