Old Cars

Hello!  Welcome to the post of the past!  Here I am going to post a bunch of pictures of some old cars. 🙂  Actually, I was going to post this a few WEEKS ago *cough cough*, but I guess I never got around to it until today!  So, please enjoy


To start us off, we have a 1978, white, Convertible VW Beetle


If I’m not mistaken, this was my mom’s second car.

Her first car was a 1967, green, VW Beetle


The old ones were the cutest…too bad they weren’t very safe!

Next up is a 1957, teal, Lincoln Premiere


My grandma owned a car just like this.  Sadly my aunt (as a teen) crashed it.  Oh well!


If I ever owned a car like this, I would be SO happy! 😀

Alright, next we have a 1966, yellow, Chevelle


My dad owned one of these…gosh!  Why don’t they make cool looking cars anymore?!  It’s not fair. 😛

Next I have for you a 1978, blue and red, Honda Civic


I think these look pretty cool.  The shape is nice.

And, this is a Honda, but I don’t know what year…I just found the picture and liked it! 😉

Last but not least we have a 1958 (red), and 1960 (blue and red) Mini Cooper

Doesn’t that look funny?  I don’t know the exact style.


SO cute!!!  ha ha


I hope that was enjoyable–if you like cars or not!  Old cars I wouldn’t mind learning about, but all of the new cars look so much alike, I would get bored learning about them all!

There are a few things I’ve wanted to post that I (obviously) haven’t gotten around to.  But hopefully I will get around to it! 🙂  Have a great week, and may this nice weather last for a long time.  God Bless!

Be happy, like Audrey! 🙂



Spring Time

Today is the first day of Spring!  Even though it already feels like summer, I am happy to have warmer weather (I’ll get sick of it quickly though).  March has surely gone by fast!  I was going to post something on St.Patrick’s day, but I did not…it came and then left before I knew it.


On Friday I was suppose to go on a little shopping trip with my mom and my three littlest brothers, but we had to postpone (we went Monday).  With that said, on Friday I got to go to a couple of thrift stores with my sister, Susanna!  The first one was an old man’s yard sale, so not exactly a store, but he had some interesting things…I bought a spoon!


(Bad lighting in these pics, sorry!)

It’s one of those collector spoons.  Indiana: Cardinals and Poppies. 🙂

The second thrift store was not too great.  There was a lot of stuff in it, but you couldn’t look at anything because it was all stacked and piled up together! It was also very crammed and quite claustrophobic…

Monday was fun though.  The boys wanted to go to Hot Dog Heaven for lunch, so we went there and it was a lot less greasy and gross then I thought it would be!



and Cael!

Cael did not want to smile for me.  All the pictures of him look funny because he was trying not to let me take pictures. 😛  Then after we ate at H.D.H, we went into a little shop called Pennybag Emporium.  It was a cute shop with a bunch of little gift type things.  We also went into a yarn store and my mom bought some beautiful fiber to make yarn with!  (She is practicing for when we get the alpacas)

Cute red shoes!

My friend got a Michael’s (art store) gift card for me, so we also went to Michael’s yesterday as well and  I got a nice notepad, white t-shirt for tie-dying, flower stickers, and some gum. 🙂  (We are going to tie-dye some stuff this weekend…I’ll post pictures!!)

Starbucks cup

We also stopped at Starbucks, Target, and a few other places before we went home.  It was fun to spend time with mom and the little boys.  They are so cute and we had a good time!

In case you’re wondering, the picture above is of a ginger bread cookie shaped like a pokemon called “Kecleon” 🙂  (I made it and was very proud of how well it turned out)

So, in May I am going to a concert and an symphony!  My sister, brother-in-law, and I are going to see Ingrid Michaelson, and then my oldest sister, two of my brothers, and I are going to the 25th anniversary Zelda Symphony!!!!!  We are very excited! 😀


Happy First day of spring, and I hope you had a very lucky St.Patrick’s day.

Josh and Esme


(PS. This post was suppose to be posted yesterday (the 20th), but I started writing it then started reading a book and so on, and didn’t post it before I went to sleep!


Bunnies are so cute! 🙂  I am very excited because SOON I will be getting my very own bunny-rabbit!  For some reason, I have always wanted a black bunny, girl, and I want to name her Luna, or Lila, or something like that.  I can’t decide on which type of bunny though?  Floppy eared Lop rabbit, normal pointy eared rabbit, OR an Angora rabbit?!  (My mom wants to get some angoras, so I was thinking of getting one to start, but I don’t like them very much…)  Here are a few pictures…let me know which one is your favorite! 🙂

I really like this type!

This would be my second choice probably.

And, well…this one looks SO funny!!!!  (It’s an angora)


Anyway.  Has anyone seen the new 2012 Mini Cooper Coupe?  IT’S HORRIBLE!!!! 😦  (I guess not too horrible, but pretty ugly!)


Why would anyone do that to a perfectly good, and cute, car?!  I just don’t understand…..I will always be an old style Mini Cooper Fan! 😀

SO much better!

Well, I will be signing off now.  Let me know which bunny you think is the cutest.  Much love, and God bless!


PS. Post #75

Lazy Pants

Hi blog…sorry I have neglected you the past few days.  I am going through a moment in my life where I feel lazy, act lazy, and am just lazy!  There is nothing that seems to really attract my attention, spark creativity, or motivate me to do anything at the present moment. 😐  Blogging (sad to say) has been one of those things that I haven’t really felt like doing.  Yet I’m doing it now…..

Me being lazy and sitting (sleeping?!) on the hammock


Cael and Clay kitty

With that said, no this post will not be very exciting, but yes, from being lazy, I have a few good ideas for some blog posts!! 🙂  That’s always a good thing when you have a blog!  Since I have been lazily sitting around and thinking too much lately (way too much time alone), I have had some ideas–like I said–that I will post SOON (I mean it)!

Baby Hana (she is BIG now!)

Also, I just wanted to say that I will post circus pics, but I don’t know exactly when?!  After this post there might be something else before the circus pictures come along!  I have to load them on the computer first, and, well…I don’t feel like doing that right now!  So (with that said), Thank You for stopping by and visiting my blog anyway where I, a person like yourself, write about my favorite things, happy things, annoying things, don’t keep my word, and share about my crazy (but good) life!  I appreciate it. 😛

The beautiful outdoors…and me . 😀

God Bless, and if you have been a lazy person like me recently, enjoy being able to be lazy and being able to think!  But don’t be lazy for too long.  Get up, get going, and be your talented, creative, marvelous, and beautiful/handsome self. 😉


Much love,


PS. Bess’s goat, Irma, had her baby!!  It’s a boy!  And a very cute one (click on Bess’s name). 😉

Stormy Weather

Due to a severe storm warnings at my house this evening, I WILL NOT have time to post circus pictures…I know that I don’t have to keep updating that, but I do feel bad for not posting them, again! 😦  Oh well!  

I sincerely hope and pray that if a storm is near you, you and your family will stay safe and protected from any damage.  God bless, and much love.


Another Beginning

Once again, it is the beginning of a new month (already)!

Happy March 1st!! 🙂

This post would be my part 2 of Alpacas and the Circus, but I don’t have enough time to post that today.  I apologize for not posting  it yesterday, but I will try tomorrow! 😉

Today is my sister’s birthday, so that’s why I am not going to post the circus pictures–sorry.  Today has been BEAUTIFUL!  The only thing that wasn’t beautiful was the temperature…it felt like mid summer here, and when the air conditioner in the car breaks, it’s not a good thing. 😐  Especially when I am in the car.  Heat+Me=NOT FUN!!!

Well, I’ve got to finish Susanna’s birthday card, and then go wash my hair.  I will try my hardest to post circus pics tomorrow!  Have a glorious March; may it be lucky for you all.  God Bless, and stay safe if it’s stormy where you are.