Another Beginning

Once again, it is the beginning of a new month (already)!

Happy March 1st!! 🙂

This post would be my part 2 of Alpacas and the Circus, but I don’t have enough time to post that today.  I apologize for not posting  it yesterday, but I will try tomorrow! 😉

Today is my sister’s birthday, so that’s why I am not going to post the circus pictures–sorry.  Today has been BEAUTIFUL!  The only thing that wasn’t beautiful was the temperature…it felt like mid summer here, and when the air conditioner in the car breaks, it’s not a good thing. 😐  Especially when I am in the car.  Heat+Me=NOT FUN!!!

Well, I’ve got to finish Susanna’s birthday card, and then go wash my hair.  I will try my hardest to post circus pics tomorrow!  Have a glorious March; may it be lucky for you all.  God Bless, and stay safe if it’s stormy where you are.


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