Lazy Pants

Hi blog…sorry I have neglected you the past few days.  I am going through a moment in my life where I feel lazy, act lazy, and am just lazy!  There is nothing that seems to really attract my attention, spark creativity, or motivate me to do anything at the present moment. 😐  Blogging (sad to say) has been one of those things that I haven’t really felt like doing.  Yet I’m doing it now…..

Me being lazy and sitting (sleeping?!) on the hammock


Cael and Clay kitty

With that said, no this post will not be very exciting, but yes, from being lazy, I have a few good ideas for some blog posts!! 🙂  That’s always a good thing when you have a blog!  Since I have been lazily sitting around and thinking too much lately (way too much time alone), I have had some ideas–like I said–that I will post SOON (I mean it)!

Baby Hana (she is BIG now!)

Also, I just wanted to say that I will post circus pics, but I don’t know exactly when?!  After this post there might be something else before the circus pictures come along!  I have to load them on the computer first, and, well…I don’t feel like doing that right now!  So (with that said), Thank You for stopping by and visiting my blog anyway where I, a person like yourself, write about my favorite things, happy things, annoying things, don’t keep my word, and share about my crazy (but good) life!  I appreciate it. 😛

The beautiful outdoors…and me . 😀

God Bless, and if you have been a lazy person like me recently, enjoy being able to be lazy and being able to think!  But don’t be lazy for too long.  Get up, get going, and be your talented, creative, marvelous, and beautiful/handsome self. 😉


Much love,


PS. Bess’s goat, Irma, had her baby!!  It’s a boy!  And a very cute one (click on Bess’s name). 😉

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