Old Cars

Hello!  Welcome to the post of the past!  Here I am going to post a bunch of pictures of some old cars. 🙂  Actually, I was going to post this a few WEEKS ago *cough cough*, but I guess I never got around to it until today!  So, please enjoy


To start us off, we have a 1978, white, Convertible VW Beetle


If I’m not mistaken, this was my mom’s second car.

Her first car was a 1967, green, VW Beetle


The old ones were the cutest…too bad they weren’t very safe!

Next up is a 1957, teal, Lincoln Premiere


My grandma owned a car just like this.  Sadly my aunt (as a teen) crashed it.  Oh well!


If I ever owned a car like this, I would be SO happy! 😀

Alright, next we have a 1966, yellow, Chevelle


My dad owned one of these…gosh!  Why don’t they make cool looking cars anymore?!  It’s not fair. 😛

Next I have for you a 1978, blue and red, Honda Civic


I think these look pretty cool.  The shape is nice.

And, this is a Honda, but I don’t know what year…I just found the picture and liked it! 😉

Last but not least we have a 1958 (red), and 1960 (blue and red) Mini Cooper

Doesn’t that look funny?  I don’t know the exact style.


SO cute!!!  ha ha


I hope that was enjoyable–if you like cars or not!  Old cars I wouldn’t mind learning about, but all of the new cars look so much alike, I would get bored learning about them all!

There are a few things I’ve wanted to post that I (obviously) haven’t gotten around to.  But hopefully I will get around to it! 🙂  Have a great week, and may this nice weather last for a long time.  God Bless!

Be happy, like Audrey! 🙂


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jayne Huber
    Mar 27, 2012 @ 13:00:19

    Ok, the first car your mom had, she bought from ME! It was the green 1967 VW bug. shortly after she bought it, the axle broke or something expensive and Nick had to get it fixed! I felt awful. Then the 1966 yellow Malibu that your dad had, I wrecked the day before we were giving it to him! The brakes went out and I was driving in reverse down an alley in Texas! Memaw told me to jump out, but I would have gotten run over, so she opened the passenger door and pumped the brakes with her hand! It stopped, but not before the door got caught on a fence and bent backwards!
    So, yes I love your car posting! Brings back old memories!!!
    Ask your folks about them!!
    Love, aunt Jayne 🙂


  2. Jennifer
    Apr 04, 2012 @ 23:56:41

    I have taken my time replying to this AND posting other stuff…my dearest apologies. 😛 I heard that you sold mom her first “bug”, and I believe I’ve heard the funny/horrible tale of you and daddy’s car! ha ha! 😀 Thanks for you comments, and thank you for checking in on whatever is going on. Happy (almost) Easter!



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