The End…again!

Since it’s now the end of April, I thought I should probably post SOMETHING! 🙂  Here’s whats been going on…..

We got 12 chicks!  Six of them my sister, Skylar, bought just because (who does that?! 😉 ), and the other six we ordered a while ago and we picked them up from the post office a few weeks ago.  They are pretty cute!

The chicken coop is looking very nice!  My dad has almost finished the metal roofing as of today…it’s been a slow process mainly cause we’ve been busy, AND my dear father cracked a rib!!  But it will be done soon and looking groovy.

Sarah (my sister) and her husband have found out the gender of their baby…’s a boy!!! 😀  He is getting big, as you can tell from looking at her belly, and he seems to be growing nice and healthily!  (We’re very excited about “Baby Bomber”, as Cael likes to say)

Alpacas are not coming this month, but my family is going up on Saturday to see them get sheered!  April flew by for us and we are not quite ready for alpacas to live here yet!  They will be moving in in May.

THIS weekend I am participating, with my youth group, in Disciple Now which is a weekend long youth event!  We will meet at a church with a few other youth groups from different churches and divide up into smaller groups then stay at the assigned “Host Home” and have a fun filled weekend of praise and worship, bible study, and lots of fun! 🙂  We’ll get back Sunday morning.  (Sadly, I will miss the alpaca sheering…*bummer* (I’m not bummed.)) 😛


Short news report: Our dogs, Leah and Judy, are pregnant…..


Here’s some news that I found out today…I am going to a Tom Petty concert this Sunday night!!!  AND one of my favorite singers is opening for him…Regina Spektor!  I can’t even believe it–I’m thrilled!  😀

Once again my camera has hid itself from me!  I cannot find it ANYWHERE!?!?!  It’s very annoying when that happens…especially when you have a blog and want to post pictures. 😦  Oh well.

Lastly, Skylar made the most amazing cheesy-noodle dish for dinner tonight!  It was delicious!

Well, that’s all the news I can think of at the moment!  I truly hope May will stay with us longer then April has.  Have a wonderful week, stay safe, and God bless.

(Beautiful picture by the Jesus Painter)


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  1. Jayne Huber
    Apr 26, 2012 @ 09:33:46

    I have missed your posts! Spring- new life- now chicks, alpacas, baby Boomer!! And new life in Jesus. THE BEST!! Love the pic- Jesus loves the little children. You must become like a child to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Love that!! As adults, we try to make it too difficult- childlike faith is all that is needed!! 🙂

    Love much!!
    Auntie Jayne


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