Singing For HIS Glory

This morning I got the chance to sing at my church, and it was very fun!  Last week I sang backup, but I didn’t know I was singing until I arrived at church SO I didn’t know all the words to all the songs!  Today, though, I was told ahead of time that I was scheduled to sing, and I even got to sing the lead part in the last song which was called “My Beloved”–very good song. 🙂  With that said, I love singing at church!  Worship songs ake me very happy and I know that’s one way that I can truly Praise the Lord!

Right now I am absolutely STARVING!  Time for lunch!  We are going to play badminton today…that will be, uh, fun! 🙂  ha ha!  I hope you all have an amazing rest of this day.  God Bless, and much love.


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Today today…it is still May…(I tried to rhyme!) 🙂 ha ha

Here are some pictures that I took the other day, in May, so all I can say is, Enjoy!  (I should probably stop!)

Everything started really blooming a few days ago, so I took a bunch of flower pictures!

Hydrangeas are so pretty!  Our pink one is starting to bloom, but there are no flowers on it yet…I can’t for that one!


Blue, purple.  Purple blue! 😛

Cael sniffing the flowers.


My Nasturtiums have been REALLY pretty so far!  Especially the pink one.

He is holding a little hand rake.

Now he is slouching his shoulders and making a funny face!  (I took another picture like this one and his face looks SO funny in it!)

One of my Holly-Hock plants.  If I get these planted in the ground they might bloom late summer, but I think they will probably bloom next year, if they live through the winter.  (Holly-Hocks are one of my favorite flowers)

Gardenia!  They were much prettier when they first bloomed.  When you walk by that plant, all you smell is gardenia!

You might be wondering what Cael is doing in this picture,


He was picking herbs then smelling them. 😉

He liked the lemon-mint.


Strawberry patch!  The chickens keep eating the berries though, so I don’t think we’ll have very many this year!  They are tasty though.

Daisy from our wildflower patch.


Goof ball!

My dad has been working hard whenever he can to finish the chicken coop.

 He put in the windows,

Put on the metal roof,

And on Wednesday, I believe, he put on one of the walls!  He is working on it right now…all I hear is a chainsaw (such peaceful background noise, huh?!).

Working boy


Maple Leaf Hydrangea.  Isn’t it pretty?

We got a few blueberry bushes!  Hopefully we’ll get some ripe, yummy, berries off of it! 🙂

Now for the truck.


Eli (red shirt, curly hair) didn’t want to smile until he thought of putting bunny ears on poor John (in the second picture).

Side View

Angled Side View

Front View!

Now, it’s not a jaw dropping truck, but at least it’s not a little wimpy truck!  (No offence to anyone who has a small truck!)  I have not ridden in it yet, so I’m gonna have to ask my dad to give me a ride sometime!  I will probably learn how to drive the truck along with learning how to drive the huge 15-passenger van! 😀  Yipee! * sarcasm intended*

Cael 🙂

John…not a very good picture. 😛

Eli (trying not to smile) 😉

Here is something else my dad has been working on

A beautiful, sturdy, cedar wood arbor which is going to support…

These lovely, amazing smelling, roses!

He is also getting ready to put a fence up and build a small shelter for our alpacas who will arrive in June!  We are just not ready for them quite yet.

So, I went four-leaf-clover hunting on my why inside the other day–I was getting eaten by mosquitoes–, and guess how many I found in the time span of one minute?  FOUR!!!!


One,   two,


Three,   four!

I love finding four-leaf-clovers!

Well!  That’s all of my pictures for today!  I am planning on posting a BUNCH of flower pictures sometime, tomorrow perhaps?!  I edited some cool pictures just a little bit!  (I don’t like going overboard with editing unless I’m trying to make it look super edited which I usually don’t like!)  It is time to eat dinner, so I best me off!

Have a glorious, magnificent, Sunday tomorrow!  May God bless and be with you.  Much love. ❤


Blah blah!

SO!  I was going to put up some pictures that I took yesterday, but I wasn’t home very much today!  When I was home I was unable to load pictures on the computer…so, I am posting pictures tomorrow: May 24th, 2012! I hope this week has been enjoyable so far?!  It’s already Wednesday!  The time seems to be really running lately.

Have a great Thursday tomorrow, and I will post then! 🙂  Lots of pictures…God Bless.


Very Warm

We have had internet problems the past few days!  It keeps shutting down or not loading. 😛  But right now it works so that’s good!

Is it just me or has it been very warm outside lately?  I know it’s almost June and it usually gets warmer around May (especially in Georgia), but it is VERY warm!  I do not have very much heat tolerance at all.  I’d much rather live in a freezer then an oven, lets just say that! 🙂

The good things about warm weather:  Swimming, ice cream, getting a tan (it’s not really a good thing unless you like killing your skin!), flowers growing (which is more of a spring thing I guess), schools out for most people, and not much more then that!

The bad (icky) things about warm weather: Bugs, snakes, lots of icky creatures, animals, and bugs that you don’t like!  Unbearable 100 degree days where you WISH you were somewhere else!  Being sweaty 24/7 and sticking to everything (I personally believe that it’s quite hard to “look good” in the summer, especially when your hair gets all frizzy and sticks up everywhere! blah!  Sometimes I don’t even try…)!  Anyway.  I think I might have gotten my point across.

I am a winter gal, not a summer gal!  I definitely melt in the summer most of the time. 🙂  Maybe someday I will love the warm sun on my skin and wearing shorts, tank tops, and flip-flops everyday, but as for right now, I don’t much care for warm weather at all!


PS. I would’ve had some pictures if I was on my computer…oh well!  I’ll post some pictures that I edited the other day (I don’t usually edit things because I like the more natural look, but sometimes it’s fun to go wild and do crazy editing stuff!)

Anniversary, Mother’s Day, etc…

You’ll never guess what happened yesterday?  I sat down to post on my blog and then our internet crashed and it was down all night! 😦  Oh well…

*delayed celebration*

Happy 1-Year-Anniversary Blog!!!  


I have so much enjoyed posting things, not posting things (ha ha), and knowing that some people out there are enjoying things that I post!  Thank you everyone who visits and reads what I have to say–it means a lot to me. 🙂


Happy (late) Mother’s Day!


I hope everyone had a great day with there dearest mother yesterday and that you truly showed her how much love she deserves.  It was my brothers birthday yesterday as well, so we had a fun celebration with all of our dear family! 😀

The Zelda 25th Anniversary Orchestra was amazing!  I am very glad that I decided to get a ticket for that.  If I could afford it, I’d go to an orchestra every night! 🙂


Well, all my pictures are still on my camera, so I am going to load them and then post later about a bunch of stuff (another random post)!  Have a safe and wonderful day!  Much love, and God bless.



We’re just about to leave for the Zelda Orchestra and we are very excited!!! 😀

This past week has been really good!  I didn’t plan on doing anything in particular, but I have gone somewhere almost every day since Monday, whether it was Target, the church, or the movies…we went to the movies Tuesday night and saw the Avengers.  It was a wonderful movie and I highly recommend it!  We all went except for my mom and those who had to work (mom got the house to herself which she loved of course!).  I gave my Ingrid Michaelson ticket to Davis’s friend, so Davis, Skylar, and his friend went to N.Carolina and guess what?  They got caught in the rain with the top down! 😀  I was very glad to be in the movie theater with all my brothers and sisters and a lot of candy. 🙂

Well, I was going to post more, but we have to leave NOW, so I will post later!  Tomorrow is my blogs 1-year-anniversary (yay), SO I am going to try my hardest to post something whether it’s really long or just a few words (it’s also Mother’s Day tomorrow, and my little brother, Eli’s, birthday!)!  We’ll see…God Bless, and have a great evening.

Now I’m of to the theater!


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Even dogs work hard! 🙂

God Bless.


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