We’re just about to leave for the Zelda Orchestra and we are very excited!!! 😀

This past week has been really good!  I didn’t plan on doing anything in particular, but I have gone somewhere almost every day since Monday, whether it was Target, the church, or the movies…we went to the movies Tuesday night and saw the Avengers.  It was a wonderful movie and I highly recommend it!  We all went except for my mom and those who had to work (mom got the house to herself which she loved of course!).  I gave my Ingrid Michaelson ticket to Davis’s friend, so Davis, Skylar, and his friend went to N.Carolina and guess what?  They got caught in the rain with the top down! 😀  I was very glad to be in the movie theater with all my brothers and sisters and a lot of candy. 🙂

Well, I was going to post more, but we have to leave NOW, so I will post later!  Tomorrow is my blogs 1-year-anniversary (yay), SO I am going to try my hardest to post something whether it’s really long or just a few words (it’s also Mother’s Day tomorrow, and my little brother, Eli’s, birthday!)!  We’ll see…God Bless, and have a great evening.

Now I’m of to the theater!


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