Anniversary, Mother’s Day, etc…

You’ll never guess what happened yesterday?  I sat down to post on my blog and then our internet crashed and it was down all night! 😦  Oh well…

*delayed celebration*

Happy 1-Year-Anniversary Blog!!!  


I have so much enjoyed posting things, not posting things (ha ha), and knowing that some people out there are enjoying things that I post!  Thank you everyone who visits and reads what I have to say–it means a lot to me. 🙂


Happy (late) Mother’s Day!


I hope everyone had a great day with there dearest mother yesterday and that you truly showed her how much love she deserves.  It was my brothers birthday yesterday as well, so we had a fun celebration with all of our dear family! 😀

The Zelda 25th Anniversary Orchestra was amazing!  I am very glad that I decided to get a ticket for that.  If I could afford it, I’d go to an orchestra every night! 🙂


Well, all my pictures are still on my camera, so I am going to load them and then post later about a bunch of stuff (another random post)!  Have a safe and wonderful day!  Much love, and God bless.



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