Very Warm

We have had internet problems the past few days!  It keeps shutting down or not loading. 😛  But right now it works so that’s good!

Is it just me or has it been very warm outside lately?  I know it’s almost June and it usually gets warmer around May (especially in Georgia), but it is VERY warm!  I do not have very much heat tolerance at all.  I’d much rather live in a freezer then an oven, lets just say that! 🙂

The good things about warm weather:  Swimming, ice cream, getting a tan (it’s not really a good thing unless you like killing your skin!), flowers growing (which is more of a spring thing I guess), schools out for most people, and not much more then that!

The bad (icky) things about warm weather: Bugs, snakes, lots of icky creatures, animals, and bugs that you don’t like!  Unbearable 100 degree days where you WISH you were somewhere else!  Being sweaty 24/7 and sticking to everything (I personally believe that it’s quite hard to “look good” in the summer, especially when your hair gets all frizzy and sticks up everywhere! blah!  Sometimes I don’t even try…)!  Anyway.  I think I might have gotten my point across.

I am a winter gal, not a summer gal!  I definitely melt in the summer most of the time. 🙂  Maybe someday I will love the warm sun on my skin and wearing shorts, tank tops, and flip-flops everyday, but as for right now, I don’t much care for warm weather at all!


PS. I would’ve had some pictures if I was on my computer…oh well!  I’ll post some pictures that I edited the other day (I don’t usually edit things because I like the more natural look, but sometimes it’s fun to go wild and do crazy editing stuff!)


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