Today today…it is still May…(I tried to rhyme!) 🙂 ha ha

Here are some pictures that I took the other day, in May, so all I can say is, Enjoy!  (I should probably stop!)

Everything started really blooming a few days ago, so I took a bunch of flower pictures!

Hydrangeas are so pretty!  Our pink one is starting to bloom, but there are no flowers on it yet…I can’t for that one!


Blue, purple.  Purple blue! 😛

Cael sniffing the flowers.


My Nasturtiums have been REALLY pretty so far!  Especially the pink one.

He is holding a little hand rake.

Now he is slouching his shoulders and making a funny face!  (I took another picture like this one and his face looks SO funny in it!)

One of my Holly-Hock plants.  If I get these planted in the ground they might bloom late summer, but I think they will probably bloom next year, if they live through the winter.  (Holly-Hocks are one of my favorite flowers)

Gardenia!  They were much prettier when they first bloomed.  When you walk by that plant, all you smell is gardenia!

You might be wondering what Cael is doing in this picture,


He was picking herbs then smelling them. 😉

He liked the lemon-mint.


Strawberry patch!  The chickens keep eating the berries though, so I don’t think we’ll have very many this year!  They are tasty though.

Daisy from our wildflower patch.


Goof ball!

My dad has been working hard whenever he can to finish the chicken coop.

 He put in the windows,

Put on the metal roof,

And on Wednesday, I believe, he put on one of the walls!  He is working on it right now…all I hear is a chainsaw (such peaceful background noise, huh?!).

Working boy


Maple Leaf Hydrangea.  Isn’t it pretty?

We got a few blueberry bushes!  Hopefully we’ll get some ripe, yummy, berries off of it! 🙂

Now for the truck.


Eli (red shirt, curly hair) didn’t want to smile until he thought of putting bunny ears on poor John (in the second picture).

Side View

Angled Side View

Front View!

Now, it’s not a jaw dropping truck, but at least it’s not a little wimpy truck!  (No offence to anyone who has a small truck!)  I have not ridden in it yet, so I’m gonna have to ask my dad to give me a ride sometime!  I will probably learn how to drive the truck along with learning how to drive the huge 15-passenger van! 😀  Yipee! * sarcasm intended*

Cael 🙂

John…not a very good picture. 😛

Eli (trying not to smile) 😉

Here is something else my dad has been working on

A beautiful, sturdy, cedar wood arbor which is going to support…

These lovely, amazing smelling, roses!

He is also getting ready to put a fence up and build a small shelter for our alpacas who will arrive in June!  We are just not ready for them quite yet.

So, I went four-leaf-clover hunting on my why inside the other day–I was getting eaten by mosquitoes–, and guess how many I found in the time span of one minute?  FOUR!!!!


One,   two,


Three,   four!

I love finding four-leaf-clovers!

Well!  That’s all of my pictures for today!  I am planning on posting a BUNCH of flower pictures sometime, tomorrow perhaps?!  I edited some cool pictures just a little bit!  (I don’t like going overboard with editing unless I’m trying to make it look super edited which I usually don’t like!)  It is time to eat dinner, so I best me off!

Have a glorious, magnificent, Sunday tomorrow!  May God bless and be with you.  Much love. ❤


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jayne Huber
    May 26, 2012 @ 18:21:08

    Ok, that darn truck IS jaw dropping, especially the bumper, hand made by your cousin Cole! With metal used to make airplanes! If you even touch another car with it, that car is dented! Ask Casey and I, we both did that on that awesome truck! :). Nice post, love the pics of the flowers and the chicken coop in process of being built! Love YOU more!


  2. Jennifer
    May 27, 2012 @ 13:11:02

    Ha ha ha! 😀 I was going to ask what the front bumper was made of *good job Cole*! I took a close up picture of it, but I forgot to post it. 😛
    Love you too.



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