The past few days we have been doing lots of crafts, so I thought it would be nice to share exactly what kinds of crafts we’ve been doing!  Enjoy. 🙂


(Lots of pom-pom crafts and clay mainly.)

The other day Skylar showed us all how to make little cardboard boxes which was fun!  Here’s how mine turned out.


Green and Blue on the outside,


Purple and Red on the inside! 😀

I hot-glued origami paper onto the box once I finished putting it togther.  Those were fun to make and everyone made very nice ones!

Now lets move onto pipe cleaners and pom-poms.

Here is a pencil-flower!  The green pipe cleaner, obviously, is wound around the pencil creating a swirly stem. 🙂

This little patriotic guy was created by John!  Well, I made it, but John showed me how. 😉


Now this little reindeer is ADORABLE in my opinion!  He has tiny legs and big antlers, but that’s what makes him cute!

I got bored with pom-pom after a while so I started making little pom-pom fairy-things?!  I made four of them in different colors and each of them has a different set of wings.

Now lets take a look at the clay creations!  (Actually, we bought an eraser making set so it was eraser clay…anyway)

Erasers!  I put a hole at the bottom of all of these things so that I can put them on the end of my pencils!


Sweet John made these two for me.  A cupcake and a smiley face! 🙂

Well, that’s all of the crafts…


I am very excited because I ordered a new MP3 player last night and it’s on it’s way!!!  My little green iPod is just sad, and it only holds 723 songs…of ALL the numbers why 723 (I would advise you NOT to purchase a refurbished electronic device)?!  So, I have ‘upgraded’ to a Coby MP620, 8GB, which holds about 2000 songs!!!  YAY! 😀  Here’s a picture.

(Not the greatest pic)

If you can’t tell, this was a picture taken of a picture on the computer, which is why is looks odd, but there it is!  I can’t wait!!!

Farewell Little Green iPod Nano!


Well, once again I must depart to photograph puppies…..sigh…..

(They’re getting so big)

Have a great weekend!  Next Wednesday is the 4th of July!  Wow…hopefully everyone will have an amazing one!  GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!  Let FREEDOM Reign…



Hair Styles

The other day my sister and I watched a movie about William Shakespear and I was inspired by the women’s hairstyles!  There was one I liked–simple, yet so pretty!  Here are a few pictures of what my hair looked like after I tried it…(NOTE: it is very hard taking pictures of the back of your head! 😉 )


(Sorry for the yellowish/shadowy lighting! :P)

I started out washing my hair on Saturday morning and then I put my hair in pigtail braids (I twisted the sides back then started braiding).

After my hair dried later on Saturday, I tucked and pinned the braids up like so…(the reason I braided my hair is so it would be crimped for the hairstyle I wanted to try!)


On Sunday morning I took the braids out and my hair was ALL OVER THE PLACE!  So I gently combed out the top of my head, slightly twisted it back on both sides, and clipped it! 😀  (I didn’t get a very good picture of the top of my head.  Oh well!)

Here’s the only picture I got of the twist…ha ha!  It wasn’t the best picture day, what can I say! 😉

Well there’s my hair.  You should see it today!  I washed it last night then let it dry while I slept (I never blow dry my hair), and today it is almost completely straight!  Hair is so interesting sometimes.

Have a groovy Wednesday and a wonderful rest of the week!  God Bless, and much love.

(One of my nasturtiums!)


A Cute Little Boy and a Green Wheelbarrow

A while ago I had a “photo shoot” with my baby brother, Cael, and a green, plastic, wheelbarrow.  The pictures turned out cute, so I thought I would go ahead and post some (there are a few goofy ones)!  I hope you enjoy them. 🙂



Well there ya go!  Isn’t he cute?! 🙂  I hope that everyone’s week will be marvelous, and that July will be a glorious, merciful, month!  July is coming up quicker then I’d hoped, but oh well!  All we can do is enjoy it…Much love!

God Bless,


Post #95

Puppies #2!!

Our other female setter, Leah, had her puppies on Monday, June 18th!  She had TEN puppies–five girls and five boys (I’ll post pictures later).

Oh, why is the summer so warm?!  As of yesterday morning, I am sick *cough*…..I am resting and being quite lazy today!  I was thinking about writing a poem to post on here because I haven’t done that in a while…hmmm…

I missed posting something on Father’s day, forgive me *happy (late) Father’s Day*.  It was a good day for us.  How about you and your dad or grandfather, or father figure?

Well, I have to go take pictures of the puppies now, and yes, I have to!  Click Here to go see our puppies!  (They are SO cute!!)

Much love, and may the Lord bless this day!


PS. I put a new page at the top titled “God’s Word”…check it out!

Puppies #1

Judy had her puppies on Tuesday!!! 😀

If you don’t know who Judy is, let me tell you…

Obviously she is a dog, otherwise it would be a little weird if something else had puppies.  ha ha!  She is our tri-color English Setter, and she gave birth to eight puppies, but sadly, one of them has gone to a better home.  Here are a few pictures of the pups!




Female (I know they all look similar)


Male (he’s the smallest in the litter)

Female (She’s the biggest!)

There are four girls and three boys.  I never thought I’d say this, but they are quite adorable!! 😉  Our other female setter, Leah, is due on either Monday or Tuesday of next week!  She will definitely have nine pups, but maybe more!  (I’ll be sick and tired of them once they get big and messy and loud!)

So that is what we’ve been up to around here.  We also went swimming on Thursday which was really fun!  Cael was SO afraid of the water though…he thought there were sharks in it.

Other things going on: The chicken house is 95% done, the alpacas are getting quite cozy in there new home, and the chickens can’t wait to move into their new mansion! 🙂  Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll be posting again very soon.  God bless!



PS. Here’s a link to the puppy website!

They’re Here!

Hello blog!  Guess who has arrived?…

The Alpacas! 🙂

They’re at our house now!

So far they are pretty content in their new home.

Dad, Ben, and Josh built this shelter for them.

You can’t really tell from this picture, but in the corner behind the post is a hay  feeder that Josh made!  It turned out very nice. 🙂

It’s very weird looking in the backyard and seeing two alpacas, but we’ll get used to it soon.

 There’s also another member to our zoo…

Meet Pemberly!  Skylar went to South Carolina on Wednesday with my mom and my sister, Bess, and they picked him up and brought him home.

What do you think?  He is very sweet so far and is very nice to everyone.  I am a sucker for kittens.

There are also ten chicks that we hatched in an incubator…I don’t have any pictures of them on my camera, but I am going to TRY to figure out how to put my videos on here because I have a video of some of the chicks hatching! 🙂

Here’s the chicken house almost 100% done!

It needs the front door, inside wall, and a few little touches here and there!

I am very proud of my dad for making the plans and building these things!  They have turned out quite nice!


What are these?  Well let me tell you…they are Sock Babies!  We made them at my sisters baby shower.


This one’s my favorite, but I made it after the shower so I didn’t enter it in the contest…I entered the one below

ha ha

Those are really all the pictures I have!  I took some of the decorations and guests, but I don’t really care to post them. 😛

Cael swinging

Well, my sister and I are watching “The Stratton Story”, so I will blog later!  Much love, and have a glorious weekend! 😀

God Bless,


June so Soon

~Happy June 1st, 2012!~

I have always loved June.  It’s the month before summer really starts, and the final weeks of spring!  Even though in Georgia spring ends pretty quickly–way sooner then June! Anyway…

A rose from the garden

I need to STOP watching movies for a little while!  Why must I do this you ask?  Well, whenever I watch a good movie I always think of how fun it would be to be in a movie.  I’ll walk through the house and think to myself ‘What if my life was a movie?’ and then I’ll start “acting”  and I’ll daydream and not pay attention to anything, etc!  I don’t really care for the movie star life, but it would be neat to be in a movie, I think. 🙂

Daffodils in my room

Yesterday my sister and I went to Michael’s.  I LOVE that store! 🙂  All the craft supplies and art things makes me drool…not literally.  I bought some rubber stamps–one of the Eiffel Tower, one that says “Smile”, and then one with a flower on it that says “Just for You”.  I also got a journal, white and purple ink, blue, red, and clear glitter glue, cardinal stickers, some baby onesie stickers, and some blank, decorate yourself, cards!  Office Max is the best store ever, but Michael’s is around 2nd place in my book. 😉

Crocus from the side-garden

My parents anniversary is tomorrow…HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MOM AND DAD!!!  They have taken a weekend trip to away from the craziness of home!  I truly hope that they have a great and safe time.

Morning Glory from the side-garden

Cael, my baby brother, is sitting next to me saying “I am very hungry…please make me something to eat!”  poor buddy.  He has been pretty good today!  What should we eat for dinner?  We went to the store yesterday to get food for the weekend and I completely forgot to get something to make for dinner, SO I’m gonna have to pull something out of the fridge and hope it’s yummy!

Little yellow flower from wildflower patch

Hopefully sometime this year, even if it’s just once, we will get to go swimming! Swimming is the one thing I adore about the summer!  I could swim all day any day.  Whenever I build or look for a house, I will make sure there is a pool.

Clover-flower from the yard

Today started out so gloomy, but right now it is beautiful!  I want to hurry up and finish this post so I can go enjoy the outdoors before the sun sets!!!  This time of the day is probably my favorite time of the day.  When everyone comes home, you have dinner, the sun sets and it’s usually pleasant.  Or maybe that’s what I dream of the evening being like around here! 🙂

Pink flower that we had a few years ago

(love this picture)

In about two weeks we will have puppies in our house…then in about three weeks we will have more puppies once again!  Our female English Setters (Judy and Leah) are both pregnant, duh!  I might have shared this already.  I am not too thrilled, but I’m not going to say that I’m not excited about the little puppies!  They are always cute…until they get bigger. 😛

Zinnia from the garden

This coming Wednesday we are expecting the alpacas!  My dad has truly been hard at work with building all kinds of animals shelters *good job, daddy*!  Our female alpaca’s fleece won 5th place in the Nationals!  I don’t know if my mom will keep showing their fleece or not, but it’s going to be interesting having alpacas here!  It’s like a mini farm: chickens, dogs, alpacas, bunnies, many birds, reptiles, etc! 😉  The chicken coop looks GREAT!  I’ll put up a finished picture sometime.


Pansy from the garden

I don’t think my holly-hocks down by our mailbox are going to bloom this year. 😦  It just wasn’t a blooming year for them I suppose!  *sigh*  I have new holly-hock plants that should bloom next year though, so I can’t wait to see what they look like!

Strawberry blossom from the garden

“Beauty and the Beast” is coming back to the Fox Theater again this year and I MUST go!  I missed it last year, and the year before, and I would really like to see it.  Belle is one of my favorite Disney characters. 🙂

Hydrangea from the front yard

Chinese food is very satisfying.  There is bad Chinese food and good Chinese food…I would prefer the good Chinese food, of course. 🙂  Noodles and egg rolls, rice and moo shu–I love it!  ha ha

Holly-hock by the mailbox

Well, I MUST go outside before the beautiful breeze stops and the sun goes down.  I hope that June 2012 will be a glorious month for everyone. 🙂  Happy summer days!  God bless and much love.