Puppies #1

Judy had her puppies on Tuesday!!! 😀

If you don’t know who Judy is, let me tell you…

Obviously she is a dog, otherwise it would be a little weird if something else had puppies.  ha ha!  She is our tri-color English Setter, and she gave birth to eight puppies, but sadly, one of them has gone to a better home.  Here are a few pictures of the pups!




Female (I know they all look similar)


Male (he’s the smallest in the litter)

Female (She’s the biggest!)

There are four girls and three boys.  I never thought I’d say this, but they are quite adorable!! 😉  Our other female setter, Leah, is due on either Monday or Tuesday of next week!  She will definitely have nine pups, but maybe more!  (I’ll be sick and tired of them once they get big and messy and loud!)

So that is what we’ve been up to around here.  We also went swimming on Thursday which was really fun!  Cael was SO afraid of the water though…he thought there were sharks in it.

Other things going on: The chicken house is 95% done, the alpacas are getting quite cozy in there new home, and the chickens can’t wait to move into their new mansion! 🙂  Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll be posting again very soon.  God bless!



PS. Here’s a link to the puppy website!

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