Dear Blog,

So…..it has been crazy around here!  And July is almost over! 😦  *sigh*

The puppies are leaving on Tuesday to go to their homes (hallelujah).  All of them are leaving, except for five which need to be shipped to Canada, Iowa, etc…we are keeping one puppy, a male and we haven’t settled on his name yet.

This is our puppy.

I’m going to post pictures of all the puppies because they look very different from when I last posted about them!  Enjoy…







Those were the seven puppies from Judy’s litter.  I’m going to post the second litter in smaller pictures.


Female                                        Male


Male                                       Female


 Female                                         Male


Female                                     Male


Male                                        Female

And there’s Leah’s litter!  Aren’t they cute?  Well I’ll just let you know that they are pretty smelly, and quite loud! 🙂  But they are pretty adorable.

It has been so rainy lately!  All last week and all this week; only a few days of sun shine!  It’s quite melancholy, don’t you think?!  Hopefully Mr.Sun will show his face soon (I don’t exactly want to be in the sun, but I’m tired of the rain!  Just watch…I’ll soon be tired of the sun and be wishing for the rain!).

You know what?  I believe this is post 100!!!  Let’s give a round of applause *clap clap clap*…well, I personally think it’s an achievement to have posted 100 things. 🙂  Very cool indeed.

The chicken house is done except for the front door.  With all the rain it makes it very hard to build outside!  Our female alpaca decided it would be funny to sneeze in my face this morning and get little pieces of dirt and alpaca spit all over my face and shirt! 😐  It was NOT fun at all, and I smelled like I lived in a barn after she so daintily sneezed on me.  What did I ever do to her?! 😉

Well, I am tired and it’s only 8:40pm, so I think I’m going to go to bed early *yeah right*!  I will be posting soon, especially once the puppies are gone and I have a few moments of silence, which is hard even when we don’t have puppies whining and crying!  There are many things I need to get done and cleaned and organized, so I am looking forward to the day when I can sit at my desk and post every week.

God Bless you, and much love!  Happy 100th post!  Whoop!! 😀



1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Jayne Huber
    Jul 23, 2012 @ 20:33:38

    Happy 100th post, Jenny! That is amazing! I enjoyed the puppy pics. They are cuter now! And I would NOT like the alpaca sneeze either! Sounds nasty! Keep writing/posting! Love your pics too!
    Aunt Jayne. 🙂


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