Happy August everybody!  I just got home from my oldest sister’s house yesterday!  We had a great time together and I was very happy that I got to stay with her for a while. 🙂  I brought my camera with me, of course, so I took some pictures of mostly random things!  Below you will see a little mushroom changing from color to shape in the span of three days…enjoy

First Day

Second Day

Third Day

I thought that was cool; being able to see how much that mushroom had changed everyday!  Isn’t it nice that we don’t get wrinkled up and old that fast?!

Bess and I went through a BUNCH of her old patterns and found a few blouses and shirts that were so inspiring we decided to make them!  Well, she did the making, and I did the picture taking and observing…

Here is the shirt we made!  We made the style of the white shirt in the upper left corner.  (The fabric we chose is a mint blue and white gingham)

(That’s what the shirt looks like)

After much measuring, cutting, pinning and sewing, Bessie finished the muslin! We had to make a muslin to make sure the sizing was correct and comfortable and to see what needed altering, so on…

And that’s what the muslin looked like!  The basic outline of the shirt.

Here is another pattern that we were going to make.  The short sleeved version is the one I liked the best.  We picked out fabric for it and cut it out, but we didn’t have enough time to finish it…next time though!

Here is the silky fabric we chose for the pattern above.

Here is the fabric we used to make the first shirt!  I like it a lot. 🙂

And here’s the shirt!  Almost done…I left Bess’s house RIGHT before she finished the shirt…all she had to do was sew the buttons on the sleeves, but we had to get going.  I can’t wait to wear it once it’s all finished!


So, other then sewing we rested a lot, we played the piano and sang, we (she) fed goats and dogs, and we watched Say Yes to the Dress!  We also watched The Sound of Music which Davis had NEVER seen before–lets just say, he didn’t get into it. 😉  We ate doughnuts too!

We also spent a few hours with Sarah one day, and then we went on a picnic and to a few thrift stores before I left!  Bess and Davis are BIG thrifters, so they usually find a good bit of goodies which they either keep or clean up and sell again.  I don’t usually find anything, but I was lucky this time!  Here’s what I found.

Thrift Store #1

Two embroidery hoops–$0.75

A silver (quite tarnished) candle holder–$0.50

(plus tax)

Thrift Store #2

I didn’t get anything at that store…

Thrift Store #3

This beautiful blue suitcase which Davis and I had to unlock the combination!  We started at 000 and went up, one at a time…we finally got it unlocked in the 500’s! 🙂  It took about 30-45 minutes!


I was scared to see the inside since I couldn’t open it at the store, but it was only $2.00 (plus tax) so I thought it was worth it!  The inside is very nice with three pouches, and only one or two stains in the corners and a few lip stick marks that are not very noticeable.  Yay!

Thrift Store #4
I don’t remember how many we went to–maybe 4 or 5?!  Let’s just say this was the last one…

A little picture frame ($0.25) and a gold painted metal or glass candle holder ($0.50+tax).

So that’s a total of $4.55 (including the taxes)!!!  Good deal.

I did figure out that I am not much of a thrift store person.  Sometimes you can find great stuff, old stuff, or just something you really like, but I think I prefer “new” things!


Well, I am back home now so I need to get to work!  Actually, I just have to do some laundry and clean my room.  I hope the rest of this week is glorious for everyone!  God Bless, and much love.

Happy August!



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Bess
    Aug 02, 2012 @ 14:12:43

    Jenny! I had such a fun time with you this week. 🙂 Your shirt is almost done–I have one more cuff to go! I just posted pictures on my blog. You should check them out. 😀

    I am glad that we don’t get old and wrinkled quite as fast as mushrooms do. However I’m sure once we are old and wrinkled, we will look back on our lives and think, “My, that went by fast!”


    • Jennifer
      Aug 02, 2012 @ 14:53:36

      Bessie! So did I! Thank you again and again for having me! 🙂 YAY! I have been checking your blog today and I LOVE how it looks!! The shirt that is…(and your blog) I cannot wait to wear it–thank you for taking the time to make it! 😀
      You are very right. Most likely we will look back and wonder why and how we got old and wrinkled so fast?! So that’s why you’ve GOT to enjoy your life no matter what happens! In good or bad times, be happy and love your life that the Lord has blessed you with! 😉
      Thanks again, Bessie.



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