Sitting, Waiting, Thinking

Hello Blog! 🙂

WELL……….I have been doing a LOT of sitting, and waiting, and thinking!  I have been sitting because I have been bored and not up to much lately, and I just got over an icky sickness.  I have been waiting for my dear sister, Sarah, to have her baby, which is due any day now! *Yay!* And I have been thinking about everything really, and I think that I think too much…ha ha! 🙂

Today is August 31st; the last day of August.  Tomorrow is September 1st!  Both of these months have always seemed strange to me.  August can’t decide whether or not it’s going to be blazing hot or a little cooler, and September can’t decide whether summer is going to linger around longer or if fall is actually going to start!?!  At least, that’s how I feel about it…*come on fall, we’re ready for ya!*

Right now I am sitting in my crazy room with the sound of the fan going in circles and my feather pen swishing from side to side.  Why is my room crazy?  Because it’s a perfect (little) square, which I am grateful for, but no matter where I move stuff it never all fits!  I guess that means it’s time to visit my Good Friend Will!!! 😀  (Get it?  GoodWill?!  A friend shared that with me the other day.)  Anyway.  My room is a mess to say the least, but it will be close to perfect eventually!  There is no need to rush, but there is no time to linger all day and just stare at stuff because staring does NOT make things put themselves away…I’ve tried–it doesn’t work! 😐

Okay, speaking of my room, I need to start cleaning again!  It would be amazing and wonderful if I actually got it finished, or very close to, by tomorrow!  We’ll see…good day blog, and I hope your weekend is wonderful.

Much love,


PS. I will probably post something tomorrow and I’ll try to post some pictures! I haven’t taken much lately.

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