More Moon

Last night there was a beautiful moon, so I thought I’d take some pictures of it (again), but this time with a tripod! 🙂

It’s just incredible!  Look at the detail it picks up!

Can you believe that a camera can zoom into the moon like this?!  (I’m just a little bit excited!!!) 😉

Well there ya go!  The moon of September 19th, 2012.  I am very happy and excited about these pictures, and I love the camera so far.  It is going to be so much fun seeing what other pics I can get with it!  If I can figure out how to load videos on here I will post some slow motion videos that I have taken (I might have to load them through Youtube).

Have a great Thursday, and may the rest of September be a blessed time for you.

Much love,



Latest News

The past couple of days I have been visiting the hospital because…..

Yes, that’s right!  Aunt Jenny is my new name! 🙂

On September 5th, 2012, at 5:19pm, Titus James Wetzel was born to Sarah and Adam Wetzel, 6lbs and 14 oz!

He is absolutely precious!  And he is so small!  I felt like I was holding a little baby doll!

My mom and I went to visit them on Thursday evening and they were  both doing very well.  Of course Sarah is very tired, but other then that she looks wonderful and is feeling better every day.  Adam is doing great as well!  Such a happy daddy.

He is a beautiful baby.  Even more so in person then from these pictures.

Yesterday we took Josh, Sylvie, Esme, Eli, John, and Cael to the hospital because Sarah was dying to see them all and to have them meet their nephew!

Everyone was very good and quiet and so gentle at the hospital.  And “Uncle Cael” was super excited even though you can’t quite tell in this picture (he kept smiling so big!).

Here he is with Uncle Josh.  And on his head is the hat that I made for him! 🙂

Titus and Aunt Sylvie!  He was asleep the whole time we were there, so I didn’t get any pictures of him with his eyes open.

Cael just sat there and smiled!  He isn’t smiling too big here, but he was smiling a lot.

A little baby smile. 🙂

Cael and John liked to touch his head and gently poke his cheek.

Cael does not want to hold him until he comes home, so he just looked and touched during our visit.

Uncle Eli’s turn!!!

They were all so excited that Sarah let them hold him at the hospital!

Aunt Esme and “Bomber”, as the baby is more commonly known…that is his nickname because when we first found out Sarah was pregnant, Cael suggested naming him Bomber. 🙂

He got a little fussy when Esme held him, but it turns out that he just needed a burp!

Adam came to the burping rescue right before he spit up on Esme!  And if you can’t Tell from John’s face (on the left), he found it quite humorous that the baby just spit up all over himself. 😉

Sarah is overjoyed and we all couldn’t wish for a more perfect little babe.

It has been a very exciting and fun couple of days.  Babies are so wonderful and I can’t even express how much I love them!  I am so happy and honored to be the Aunt of this dear little boy, and I can’t wait for us all to get to know him more and watch him grow.  (Can’t wait for Bessie to have her little girl!! 😀 )


Well, here is a picture that I took on Thursday night!  My mom and I were driving home and I hopped out of the car real quick to take this…

The moon!!!

It would have been possible for me to have zoomed in closer, but I didn’t because the more you zoom in the harder it is to get a steady picture unless you have a really steady hand!  My hands shake and then I lose my clear focus.

I will try it again next time we have a pretty moon and I’ll use my tripod so the picture is nice and clear, but I am very happy with these pictures whether they are a little blurred or not! 🙂


I’m going to do laundry now!  I hope you have enjoyed these pictures…I mean, who doesn’t enjoy babies?! 😀  Have a great weekend, and may God bless it.

Aunt Jenny~

New Camera!

Well, on Labor Day my dad and I went to Best Buy and I got…..

A new CAMERA!!! 😀


It is a Canon Powershot SX 40 HS, 12.1 mega pixal, 35x optical zoom!!  And so far I LOVE it to pieces!

I have been looking at getting it for a few MONTHS now, so I finally decided that I wanted to, and boy am I happy I did! 🙂

So that’s one exciting thing.  Another is that my dad finished the chicken house (he finished it a few days ago, but I just took pictures of it today)!  I think he is going to finish putting some chicken wire up, and maybe a few other things (we’re going to paint it I think), but other then that he’s finished.  It looks very, very, VERY good!

Here is the left side of it also known as “The Chicken Yard”.  I somehow didn’t think to take a picture of the front…sorry!  I will have to post one later on!

To the right is (obviously) the door and ramp that lets them in and out of the coop, and the compartment on the left is a door where we sweep out the dirty litter so it’s always nice and clean inside!

Ok, in this picture I am standing in the doorway on the left side of the coop, and on the right side, as you can see, there is a screen wall and on the opposite side of the screen wall is where the chickens come in at night. 🙂

Here is straight ahead from the door.  Some nice shelves and he put a light above the shelves.

See, light! 🙂

There is the blue nesting box and some of our chickens.

Here are some roosts, and so far they all like the top one, so at night they are all huddled up in a big clump at the top!   ha ha 🙂

One of the chickens has claimed a corner in the coop and there is an egg there everyday. 🙂  Right now we get about five eggs a day.  Our chicks have just grown up so most of them are getting ready to start laying.  So far one of the new chicks has been laying one egg everyday and it’s tiny!  (We have four older chickens that we have been getting eggs from since last year)

Here are some chickens! 🙂



This little white one is so cute!  Her name is Jemima, and she is so small!  You can see next to the red hen how small she is.


Here are some random test shots that I have taken so far with my camera (I took all those chicken pics with it too!).  Enjoy!

This is my clock, I was testing out the zoom from sitting on my bed.

My desk…


In these two pics you can see that one of them is focused on the “J”, and one is focused on the “Y”.  (I was using the manual focusing in these two pics)

This is the “Low Light” setting.  There was almost no light in my room when I took this picture, but everything showed up and it focused very well!


Flowers on the foliage and automatic settings.


The buds on the crape myrtle tree were far away so I used the amazing zoom and managed to get a closer look at them.  The grass is just a landscape setting test (the greens really pop out!).

This web was HIGH in a tree and I zoomed in just as the sun shined behind it.

Raindrops on mom’s car. 🙂

Now here are some effects and settings that are really neat!

Fish eye effect.

This one is called tiny something (I don’t remember)!  If you can’t tell, the knit rose is in focus and so is everything in line with the rose, but everything above and below it is blurred.


This is Toy Camera effect (it looks like you’re looking through a little camera with the shadowed edge).

More toy camera.


Vibrant compared to normal.

This is called Poster effect, and if you look closely at the pom-pom worm, you can see that it almost looks animated or painted on.


Here is a fun effect called Color Assist which I have on my little camera as well. You focus on one color, then it only brings out that color you focused on (and the colors similar to it) and then makes everything else black and white.  It’s fun to fiddle around with!

Well, that’s all I have to share right now!  I need to make sure the boys went to bed, so I hope you enjoy this post! 🙂  I can’t wait to share more about my camera with you guys and whatever else is going on around here!  God Bless, and here’s a pic to say goodnight…


September 1st

Happy September!!

I hope your September is wonderful!  Enjoy the end of summer and the beginning of fall…yay! 🙂