My Typewriter

So, I have decided to introduce you, blog, to my dear old 1950’s typewriter!

Typerwriter, blog.  Blog, typewriter.

My dear sister, Bess, bought this for me as a Christmas gift from an antique store.

It is a 1950’s Royal, and it’s a faded bluish-green color, and it came with it’s case and a key to lock it up and keep it safe.

Bess cleaned it up a ton!  She said that most of the keys had mold on them and it didn’t look too great at first, but it is beautiful now!

It types very well and the weight of the keys is great!

I think it used to be able to white out your mistakes, but I don’t know how to refill/replace it or how that works exactly… if I mess up I either x it out or start over on a clean sheet of paper.

Last year I took pictures of my typewriter to post about it and I never did, so when I looked at those older pics today I decided to re-take them because they were quite, shall we say, bad quality!  Here’s one of the pics compared to a new one that I took.


I’m glad that I redid them. 🙂


Also, this past Saturday I went to a Fall Festival held by someone at our church.  It was a lot of fun and it was a beautiful day for a festival!  I didn’t have my camera out the whole time, just towards the end, so here are a few pictures.

It was very lovely acreage.  She owns 34 acres!


Yes, more moon!  First was taken before the sun set all the way, and the other was obviously taken when the moon and stars took over the sky.


The fire was big, bright, beautiful, and very warm. 🙂


The embers were marvelous!  They looked like jewels sparkling and glowing in a mine.

The stars were amazing–I could have lay back and looked at them all night (sadly they didn’t show up on the camera).  Apparently there was a meteor shower that night too!  I missed it.  *sigh*


One more thing…we got pumpkins!

We always get pumpkins to carve in the fall.  I haven’t taken any pictures of our pumpkins yet, so I’ll probably post some pics of them once we carve them.

Well, that’s all I have to share for today.  Much love, and God bless.



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