So, yesterday was Halloween…and the LAST day of October!

Happy November! 🙂

We dressed up yesterday and ate candy, carved pumpkins, and then watched a “spooky” movie called Hocus Pocus.  Here are some pictures of our Halloween evening…

This picture is from this past Sunday.  We had a costume party at church and it was a lot of fun!  My friend Kendall and I dressed up as 1940’s style girls.  (I didn’t take any pictures that evening.  Skylar took this one)

Let’s start with a fire.  Beautiful isn’t it?  It was quite chilly yesterday evening if I do say so myself!

Ash Ketchum and Pikachu!!! 😀

Bess and Davis dressed up as Pokemon characters. 🙂  Their costumes were homemade.  *Good job guys!*

Group Shot!

Ok now…lets go in a circle, clockwise starting at Sarah who wasn’t really dressed as anything, Adam was a skeleton (just his face was painted), Josh was a nerd (not the candy kind),  Esme was a ghost, Davis was Ash, Bess was Pikachu, Skylar was Cinderella before the ball, Sylvie was the Evil Stepsister, Cael was Bumblebee the Transformer, the two little girls were a Disco Home Depot worker and a Good Witch, Eli was Optimus Prime the Transformer, John was a Yoshi egg, and I was a Pirate!  Arrgg! 😉

Joshua….in his “pod racer” goggles!  (And Adam creepily creeping behind him)


John had the best costume!  My mom made him a Yoshi egg and he looked so adorable and funny at the same time!  So cute. 🙂

We carved pumpkins, but I haven’t taken a picture of all of our carved pumpkins yet–I haven’t even carved mine yet!–so I’ll post pumpkin pictures whenever I take them…below are a few pumpkins.


Joshua’s on the left, Sarah’s on the right.

And here’s Adam’s!  He’s a shady fella.

Here’s a picture of my costume.  I just grabbed stuff from my closet and used some accessories from my pirate birthday party.  It was quite last minute!


On the left you can see my hair which I twisted all across my head, and on the right you’ll see my hair (again) which I put little braids throughout it and a feather in it too.  I also had a tattoo on my wrist and other jewelry and accessories.  Anyway! 😛

Candy!  What’s Halloween without it?!


And, the Halloween moon! 🙂

Well those are all the Halloween pictures I have!  Hopefully they were enjoyable.  We had a fun day and I hope you did too.


*sigh* The dearest baby.  He is starting to smile and when you hold him and talk to him he tries SO hard to talk back to you!  Sweet baby.


Next I will be posting about our long weekend away from home!  We went to North Carolina and camped at a fiber festival, so I’ll share about all the fluffy things we saw (and bought)! 🙂

Happy November.  I hope that your Halloween was spooky and fun!  Have a great rest of the week…

I’ll be blogging again soon…

God Bless!



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