Last year was 11/11/2011!  It has been a year (obviously) since I took a picture of the clock at 11/11/2011, 11:11 o’clock, and 11 seconds (that’s six eleven’s!).  ha ha! 🙂  Anyway.

I have lied.  I said I would post about the fiber festival, but I’m not really in the mood to post about that!  I’m stick tired of fluffy things!  A few days ago I went through all of my picture files on the computer and sorted them out (it took forever), so I have quite a few different things I can post about.

We had our family portraits taken yesterday which we don’t usually do except for a picture of everyone on Easter or Thanksgiving or something.  Skylar was our photographer.  It was fun, but I won’t tell you too much about it because I am going to share some of our “lovely” pictures with you soon (they’re not on my computer so I’ll have to get some on my computer first).

The weather is lovely today, but I am not in the happiest moon for some reason.  Hopefully I’ll figure out why.

Well, I’m leaving in a few minutes to go play volley ball!  I’ll be posting soon with pictures and stories and all that stuff.  Have a great rest of this day, blog.  Much love,


P.S. Happy Veterans Day.  Thank you, Soldiers, for all you have done.  God Bless America.


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