Dear blog,

Happy December 1st!

Well, it’s completely mind boggling how quickly this year is coming to an end.  I hope it has been a decent year for you all?!

  I have been meaning to post a bunch of pictures, but I haven’t gotten around to it!  Yesterday I spent all day cleaning, vacuuming, dusting, and trying to make my room nice and cozy, and it’s STILL messy in some areas!  It’s crazy!  I have a very small room, and it’s like stuff just falls from the ceiling! 😛  Anyway.

  The number one most horrible, terrible, awful, miserable, and ANNOYING thing about this time of year is getting sick…..yes, I’m sick!  *NO!*  I absolutely despise being sick (along with most people in the world)!  What crazy person likes to be sick!?!  Well, I am quite disappointed that I am sick and I hope to be better soon.  (I don’t mean to complain to you, but I am! 😉 )  Blah!

  Tomorrow is going to be a pretty busy day.  I really need to go to the store so hopefully I’ll be able to do that tomorrow!  Bessie is so cute (I know that’s random).  Her and her baby belly!  Ha ha. 🙂  *I love you Bess*  I am so excited about being an Aunt to another little baby!  I don’t really remember having a baby girl in our family.  I was 4-years-old when Sylvie was born, and I was six or seven when Esme was born!  I remember Esme much more then Sylvie.  Any who!  I am excited about the baby girl!

  Well, I must go and rest a bit.  It’s so warm today.  I wish it was cold because being outside in the cold makes me feel SO much better when I’m ill!  When it’s warm, it makes everything just a little more miserable…oh well!  Have a great rest of this day!  (I’ll post pictures soon)



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