Well, blog…I did NOT win the Tangee Lipstick giveaway over at Brentwood Lane.  Actually, Bessie won it (what a booger)! 😦  Oh well.


I ate a snowman doughnut the other day that was quite satisfying.


His head tasted good.


Sunday evening we went to Bess and Davis’s house for an Ugly Christmas Sweater party!  It was a lot of fun, and thankfully I felt well enough to go.  Here are some pictures (I didn’t take very many).


There was a Figgy Pudding contest (which I did not enter), an Ugly Sweater contest, and a dance competition.


Here is Joshua’s lovely pudding which contains a box of fig newtons all crumbled up into a mound with powdered sugar on top…not a traditional figgy pudding.


Here is another nontraditional entry.  “Figgy’s” and pudding! 🙂  This was put together by Bess’s friend, Stephanie.


Susanna entered a chocolate pudding with dried figs in it.


These are Skylar’s Figgy Puddings.  I did not taste any of the puddings after the judging, but I heard that these were tasty.

IMG_0088   IMG_0089

Skylar had a hard time trying to light her puddings on fire, but she finally got it to light on fire after pouring a lot of rum on it…some of us were restricted from tasting it. 🙂


And here is Bess’s pudding which won first place (Skylar won second)!  Again, I didn’t taste it, but everyone said it was delicious (Bess is just winning everything!)! 😉

Now onto sweaters.  I didn’t take a picture of everyone’s sweaters, forgive me, but here are some pictures.


Up close, Joshua’s sweater is a LOT worse than it looks, and Sarah’s denim Christmas shirt and decked out cardigan go very horribly together.


Here is Davis judging the figgy pudding.  His sweatshirt said “Grandma, the next best thing to Santa” (or something like that), and it was sparkly and ugly.


Aunt Bessie and Titus!  Titus was not wearing a sweater, but he was pretty cute!  Bess’s sweatshirt was red with plaid accents and it had three penguins on it.


Susanna had a very fancy sweater!  She also had wreath earrings with jingle bells on them, and a little broach with a candy cane and either a little Santa or an elf…I don’t remember?!  Adam was wearing a t-shirt that looked like a Santa outfit and he was wearing velvet-ish elf shorts with jingle bells in them over his jeans…he won second place.


Skylar was from the 80’s and was wearing tights, dance shorts, legwarmers, a horrible sweater, and big teased hair which didn’t stay big for too long.  And there’s Josh again (you can see his sweater better in this pic)!


Here’s Bessie and Stephanie.  Stephanie won first place in the sweater contest.  Her sweater was black with striped sleeves and a bunch of Santa Claus faces on it with 3-D beards. 🙂  It wasn’t that horrible actually!


And here’s Skylar and Brooke, who’s sweater was trimmed with plastic jewels on the collar, bottom hem, and cuffs!  She also had a rainbow sweater underneath.

Those are all the sweater pictures I have…oh, we tried to take a group shot too!



There we go!  My sweater had a bunch of fire works on it and it said “Happy 2000!”…Susanna found it for me.  It wasn’t a Christmas sweater, but it was a holiday sweater, so it counted.


(They have the cutest little tree!)


Last, but not least was the dance competition.  Davis and I were partners, Skylar and Susanna were partners, and Ben and Joshua were partners…we all just made up dances as we went along.  Davis and I should have won, but Skylar and Susanna won for some reason…personally I thought their dance was stinky; especially their song choice: Care Bears! 😛


Here’s Josh and Ben trying to dance to the Gangnam Style and Susanna interfering.


After we all danced, we had a free for all and Skylar and Davis took the dance floor with their song choice of “My Jeans” by Jenna Rose…it is a very stupid song.


They had some smooth moves though.


We all danced around after they announced the winners.


It was a lot of fun and I wish I had videos of everyone’s dances, but I didn’t film them all.

Those are all the pictures I have of that event!  It was very fun and we danced until we couldn’t dance anymore. 🙂  I’m glad I got to go.


Oh!  Here’s a picture of the Spider Man pumpkin that I carved with Cael on Halloween…I forgot to post a picture!


And, look at this CUTE little baby!


He’s pretty cool.

Well, that’s all I have for now!  I hope this day is glorious for everyone.  Much love, and God Bless!

IMG_0138   IMG_0160

(My dad and brothers built a beautiful fence in our backyard!)


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5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Josh
    Dec 05, 2012 @ 13:18:43

    Is it just me, or do Josh and Skylar look like Donny and Marie? Maybe its the 80’s hair. Well, Bessie has “pregnancy karma”. Maybe you will get Tangee Lipstick in your stocking! Love you


  2. Jayne Huber
    Dec 05, 2012 @ 15:16:54

    AWESOME pics, Jenny! I just showed Casey his new cousin TITUS! He is the cutest thing! How are you feeling? I hope better- please let me know!
    I love you very much! Aunt Jayne 🙂


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