Dearest Blog…Thursday, December 20th, in the hour of 9:00 pm, Bessie had her baby girl!


Evelyn Margaret Miller!

7lb, 5.5oz.


She is absolutely beautiful and I am a very proud Auntie!

IMG_0642   IMG_0643

I went with Sarah and Adam to visit her on Friday and it was so exciting!


There she is sticking her tongue out at Aunt Skylar! *hee hee*


Ah!  I was happy all day Friday after we left the hospital!


Skylar and I went again yesterday afternoon to visit and help pack up stuff so they could go home.  Here’s a funny story…as we were walking down the hall of the hospital with the nurse all ready to go, we opened the double doors, stepped through, and then the alarm went off because they forgot to take the computer ID band off of the baby’s foot! 🙂  It was a very loud alarm!


Goodness…she has very thick hair, and it sticks up in the air just like my hair did when I was a baby!  😀

Enjoy the rest of the pictures below!


Cute hat from Aunt Susanna.


Daddy and baby.

IMG_0753   IMG_0755


Dark, thick hair!

IMG_0760   IMG_0763


I got her some little hair bows!  They’re so cute! 😉


Well, I have to leave for a white elephant party now, so that’s all I have time to post at the moment!  She is the sweetest, prettiest little baby girl, and I give much love and congratulations to her dear parents, sweet Bessie and crazy Davy! 🙂  I love you three so much!

God bless, and much love!


(Today is Cael’s birthday!)


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  1. Jayne Huber
    Dec 23, 2012 @ 19:15:39

    Ain’t it grand to be an aunt??!! That makes me a great aunt! Wow, Evvie is beautiful! So exciting, amazing, and a miracle from Above! Thank you, precious Jenny, for sharing these pictures! Oh, and is Cael 5 today? Wow, a big boy! I love you so! Merry Christmas Eve Eve!


    • Jennifer
      Dec 24, 2012 @ 12:00:40

      Yes, it is great being an Aunt! 🙂 She is so precious! Cael turned 4 yesterday. He’s so good! You’re welcome, of course, for the pictures! I am happy that I got to share them! Love you too and Merry Christmas Eve!


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