Hats hats hats!

Hats come in many different colors and patterns.  There are big hats and small hats, short hats and tall hats, and also really really pretty hats (and ugly ones)! 🙂  Well, if you haven’t guessed already, I am going to post about hats today because I love them and I just so happen to have a few hats.  So enjoy, and please let me know if you like hats too! 🙂

(NOTE: I apologize for the odd angles in the pictures!  I had the camera set up on my dresser instead of the tripod, and it was hard to function!)

IMG_1416   IMG_1417

First we have a big and beautiful sun hat!  It’s more of a fancy one, I think, and this one isn’t mine, but I liked it, so I am sharing it with you.  *Thanks for your hat Sylvie*


This hat I love, but I apologize for the picture!  It’s the only one I took and you can’t even see the flower on the side very well…whatever!  I got this hat at Target two years ago.

IMG_1437   IMG_1435

This is my lovely pink Paris hat!  My sisters, Bess and Sarah, bought this for me when they went to Paris.  It’s extra special. 🙂

IMG_1441   IMG_1449

This simple little sun hat I got in Charleston, SC., two years ago.  I love this hat!

IMG_1453   IMG_1458

Yet another sun hat…this one is very comfortable and lightweight.  I got it at Ace Hardware a few years ago.  The brim is nice and big and it keeps the sun out of your face.

IMG_1465   IMG_1472

Here is my 90’s floppy-denim hat!  I was so happy when I got this hat many years ago.  My older sister had one, so I thought I was so cool to match her!  (nice dazed look I have in the first pic, lol!)


This hat I don’t wear much, but it’s a cool hat.  The pattern I like a lot, but it gives you a headache after wearing it for too long!


I own three baseball hats, and this particular one is newer.  My dear friend, Hailee, gave it to me last year.  Baseball hats are nice, especially if you are working outside in the yard.  They make you feel sporty and cool. 😉

IMG_1490   IMG_1497

Here are two berets, both blue.  The one on the left I don’t care for very much, but I really don’t wear either of them anymore.


I LOVE this hat!  In 2011 I made this hat for myself, and it’s one of my very favorite hats.  (My hair looks so long in this picture!)


This beanie I got for Christmas.  I like it and have worn it once or twice.  The magnolia on it is pretty.


And lastly, I just recently bought this hat from my sister, Bess’s, Etsy shop!  It is a vintage hat and SUPER cute too! 🙂

IMG_0158   IMG_0154

(Obviously these last few pictures were taken on a different day)


There are my hats!  I hope you enjoyed them and the odd angled pictures. 😉  I’m not used to taking a bunch of pictures of myself or posting them either, so hopefully these pictures were decent.

I hope to expand my hat collection, shall we say, throughout the years.  Hats are very stylish and I enjoy them very much.  Hopefully I’ll find an outfit to wear my new hat with!


Oh yeah…I shot a gun! 🙂  It was AWESOME!!!


God bless and much love!




Goodness!  I have had the time of my life trying to post on my blog the past week and a half!  I used my little camera the other day to take pictures and for some reason WordPress wasn’t allowing me to post those picture on my blog.  Well, I finally got my little computer to corporate and the pictures to load, so please enjoy!


This little booger has been visiting us a LOT lately, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! 🙂  Sweet baby.


I don’t know if anyone noticed, but the moon was full Saturday night, and it was beautiful!!! 🙂

IMG_0010   IMG_0023

So amazing!  The night time sky is beautiful; I love it!


I had a very fun time with John taking pictures of the lovely full moon.  It was very cold though!


On Saturday morning I woke up to a lovely sunrise, and if all of those trees were cut down I would of had the greatest view!  *Alas*

IMG_0058   IMG_0060

Skylar put up a fence by her green house, and all though it’s not completely sturdy, it is lovely and looks nice. 🙂  She put it up a few weeks ago.


Skylar and I went to the store a while ago and looked at the flowers and she bought these pink roses for half price because they were older ones that were going to die soon, so that was nice!  They were pretty when she brought them home and are just now going bad.


I love flowers.  I have taken a lot of flower pictures lately.

IMG_0063   IMG_0082

Flower pedals.


Here’s a moon picture from last week, on the 21st.


Not all the way full, obviously.


This is a little weed that I took a picture of last week on a beautiful January day!


I bought a red rose bush almost two weeks ago, and so far it’s growing well.  Not very pretty yet, but hopefully it will produce beautiful roses!  I can’t wait to post pictures of it once it gets bigger!


One day I hope to get beautiful red roses like this one.

IMG_0015   IMG_0029

I found a four leaf clover last week.  Two, actually!


Looking for four leaf clovers is a lot of fun.

IMG_0043   IMG_0045

A few “ring hearts”.  I saw a picture like this online and thought I’d try it.


I like this one.


I ate an ice cream cone outside in the freezing cold last week because it was so pretty outside, I couldn’t just sit inside!  It was yummy too.


Super Cael!  While the breeze was blowing Cael was saying “Maybe if I stand like this the wind will blow and I will fly!”. 😉

IMG_0077   IMG_0080

He is so cute!

IMG_0083   IMG_0084

He got cold and then started shaking his fists.


Look what Joshua drew for an art assignment!  It turned out really good.

Well, I have more pictures to share, but I’m going to share them later.  That’s all for now and I hope this January has been lovely for everyone.


Much love! 🙂


An Extremely Wonderful Book

Yesterday afternoon I finished an absolutely marvelous book!

Jane Eyre!


It was such a wonderful book!  Some of you know that I started it last year in the spring, I believe it was…I lost it once and then I started a new book, but I decided that I absolutely had to finish this book!  So I did and it was wonderful!


The movies are okay (I recommend watching the BBC miniseries), but all of the Jane Eyre movies I’ve watched leave out a HUGE part of the story!  So, if you want the full story, read the book!  It’s a wonderful mix of romance, horror, thrill, mostly melancholy, but so so so SO good!!!  Also, it is not a predictable book (unless you’ve seen the movies).


The Bronte sisters were an odd bunch (so I’ve heard), and there were three sisters (out of six children), that were authors.  Charlotte Bronte (who wrote Jane Eyre, and only three other novels), Emily Bronte (who wrote Wuthering Heights), and Anne Bronte (who was not well known and died at the age of 29!).  I was reading about Charlotte and I read that she was married in January 1854, and she died in March 1855, at the age of 38.  I thought that was sad.


Anyway.  Jane Eyre is a wonderful book, and although it has it’s strange points and is a little depressing at parts, and 641 pages is intimidating, it is a good read and I truly recommend it!  (I also recommend reading it in a British accent!  It helps you understand it better for some reason!).


If you are anything like me, after finishing the book (or any book like Jane Eyre) you will be inspired to wear stockings and buckled shoes with a long button down skirt and lace blouse, pin your hair up nice and pretty, sit at your desk with candles lit, and compose a letter written with your best handwriting and sealed with wax…..*cough cough*…..

I hope this (finally) sunny weather brings much happiness to you today! 🙂


God bless!


P.S. If you click on the Bronte sisters names it will lead you to their Wikipedia pages where you can learn more about them yourself if you so desire.


Lately I have had a spark of inspiration to get out my knitting and cross-stitching stuff and make something.  So far I have two knitting projects to get started.


I bought this book, Vintage Knits for Modern Babies,  in the summertime last year and have yet to make something from it.  There are TONS of adorable patterns in this book!


I want to make this baby bonnet.


And I also want to make these baby booties!

Okay, the two projects I’m getting ready to start are two pairs of baby slippers.  One pair for Evvie and a pair for our friends who recently had their first baby.


I’m going to make the slippers in the picture above for Evelyn.  I made her a hat in that coral color yarn, so soon she’ll have matching slippers too! 🙂


I’m not sure which pattern I’m going to use for the other pair of booties, but I’m most likely going to use this soft, beautiful, red Debbie Bliss yarn!


Just wanted to share that real quick!  Also, look at the AWESOME Ninja Girl picture Joshua drew for me!!!


Awesome, huh?!  *Thank you, Josh!* 🙂


Wedding Pictures

I thought that I should probably post some wedding pictures from Bess and Sarah’s weddings for those of you out there who have only heard about their weddings, and also because I keep saying I will and I’ve waited long enough!  (And I have replaced my “Wedding Pictures” page above with “Cozy Green Acres” which is under construction at the moment…)

Without further ado, here are some wedding pictures!

~Bess’s Wedding~


Group shot of the Barger family from Bess’s wedding


Davis and I


Beautiful Bessie!

IMG_7001   IMG_7009

So happy


The came was lovely and very yummy!  Skylar made it and Sarah decorated it!


First dance

IMG_7233   IMG_7239

So pretty


Leaving the reception


Those are all the pictures I have on my computer. 🙂  It was a lovely day!

~Sarah’s Wedding~

IMG_9841   IMG_9840

Decorations–it was so bright and pretty!


Getting ready for the ceremony.



The reception


IMG_0290   IMG_0288

It was so pretty!


These two caught the garter and the bouquet  and funny enough they are getting married this year! 🙂  We made a little bouquet for Sarah to throw because her actual bouquet she made out of paper flowers so she didn’t want to throw it.


About to throw the bouquet

IMG_0332   IMG_0334

Little baby Cael!


Mommy and I


John!  There’s almost nothing cuter then little boys in suits and ties!

IMG_0643   IMG_0657

Bess made the dress that Sarah is wearing above.


Tender moment


Driving away.


Both days were absolutely wonderful and beautiful and I am so happy to have been apart of them.  I love my sisters so much and I love their dear husbands and babies too!!! 🙂  It’s crazy when you think about it, how much can happen in the span of two years!

Well, as the rain splatters against my window and the wind blows wildly through the trees, I must sign off and bid you farewell.


(Artwork by Catherine M. Wood)



(All wedding pictures were taken by Skylar Barger, and a few were taken by our friend Gabbie who was our other photographer at both weddings)

Washing My Hair

Last night I turned the shower on and let it warm up, then I got my hair all wet and got out my shampoo.  Before I washed my hair I decided to wash my face, which I use a washcloth to exfoliate sometimes.  I reached over and picked up the washcloth that I was going to use, then I unfolded it to get it all wet but something caught me by surprise!  A little creepy, crawling, icky, friend popped out from it’s dark folds of the washcloth just to say hey!  But, of course, I held in a scream of terror and threw the washcloth to the bottom of the shower where the bug hurriedly crawled back into the dark wet folds of the towel.  I jumped out of the shower to try and find something to get the bug down the drain with, and as I was searching for something, dripping water all over the floor,  someone knocked on the bathroom door which also scared me to death so immediately I shouted “DO NOT COME IN!!!”.  In the end I got the icky bug to go onto a new life down the shower drain and I did not use that washcloth.  Blah!

I hope this day is full of good things and not full of icky, horrible, little, bugs!



Woo hoo!!!  My blog just passed over 10,000 views! 😀  AWESOME!  Thank you people who stop by and add views to my blog!  Views are not what I truly care about for this blog, but it is quite astonishing to know that my little blog has been viewed that many times whether by someone accidentally coming across my blog or people checking everyday, et cetera.  Thank you. 🙂


On Friday, January 11th, Titus and Evelyn came over to visit!  It makes me overjoyed whenever they come over or I get to see them! 🙂  Titus is getting so big.  He is a cutie pie who always has a BIG smile to share with you and he’s starting to find his sweet baby laugh!  “Every time a baby laughs a fairy gets it’s wings…”


This first picture is of Cael (wow, my rooms so clean in the is picture!).  He is such a good boy and his hat is pretty awesome…


Sweet boy…my room is actually VERY clean and tidy right now (like anyone cares to know).


First we tried a “cousins” picture, but Titus was not up for the idea and Evvie was making faces at me.

IMG_1202   IMG_1203

Seriously.  She was making faces at me! 😉

IMG_1215   IMG_1222

Her hair is so pretty and her face looks so pudgy and cute when she sleeps!


They both fell asleep around the same time and were asleep for a while.

IMG_1231   IMG_1232

Evvie and Uncle Josh!  He got a haircut! 🙂


She was content with Josh then she wasn’t…


But mommy came to the rescue!


I personally love this picture!  She just got settled down and folded her little chubby baby arms in front of her.  *goodness*

IMG_1237  IMG_1246

Here are Titus’s cute little piggy-toes! 🙂

After they woke up we tried taking another group shot…


Here’s the first one.  Lovely mother’s, but their babies are not paying attention.


Close up on the babies: Titus is smiling at his toes and Evelyn is, yet again, making faces at me!  *what a stinker*


This one turned out the best.  Look at Titus’s feet (on the left)!  They are perfectly turned out, and Evvie’s are crossed, just like a lady. 😉

IMG_1255   IMG_1256

These picture are more focused on Titus, but in the first one I love Evvie’s expression!  She’s like “Hello?  Take a picture of me!”


Last, but not least (of the group shots)!  Goodness…we’ll try again another day. (Titus got mad at me because I took is pacifier away!)


Now, the next few baby pictures that are posted I’m going to interpret what the baby is thinking…


Sarah: *kiss kiss kiss* Evvie: “Seriously?!”


Sarah: *kissy kissy* Evvie: “Blah!”


Sarah: “Hi baby!” Evvie: “Holy crap!  You have something in your teeth!”


Evelyn: “Hey there, what’s your name?”


IMG_1269   IMG_1270

Evelyn and Uncle Adam


Uncle Adam made the baby cry…(she’s so cute when she’s crying!)


No more babies for today even though they are the cutest things! 🙂  I love babies!

Eli is a clay sculptor.  He has his very own box of nice modeling clay and he makes some pretty cool stuff!  Recently he made a Pokeball called a heavy ball and it turned out quite nicely.

IMG_1275   IMG_1277

He even made a Pokemon to go inside! 😀

IMG_1375   IMG_1376

Here’s a close up!

Today John, Eli, and I made some beeswax candles.  It’s very fun rolling the wax and the wick together and making all different kinds of candles!


These are all the candles we made today.  All different and unique!


The candle set is John’s actually, and he just got it today I believe.


The shorter ones look like colorful dynamite!


These are all the ones John made!

IMG_1333   IMG_1335

He made a tiny one, as you can see above, and I didn’t think it would light, but it did!

IMG_1337   IMG_1338

Eli put E’s on his. 🙂  The front of the blue candle has a Kirby on it which is the video game character from his favorite video game.


I made two candles.  John said everyone could make two candles, so that was very generous and kind of him!


A rainbow one and one with colorful shapes on it. 🙂  I made a different one with Sylvie a few days ago because she got a candle set for Christmas.


Here they are all lit!  Some of the candles wouldn’t light very well…isn’t John cute?!

IMG_1349   IMG_1350

I’ve been inspired by colors lately!  Soon I’m going to get together as much colorful stuff, a bunch of different stuff, and take some colorful and hopefully cool pictures!

IMG_1348   IMG_1351

Here’s is other tiny candle…


Ain’t it cute?!


John has been doing a lot of “experiments lately that contain water and food coloring…sounds messy but so far he hasn’t stained anything important.


I took a slow motion video of him dropping the coloring into the water.  It was pretty awesome!  SOMEDAY I’ll share videos on here!  I just need to figure it out first.

Well, not too much has been going on.  It’s just been wet!  I don’t mind the rain, but the weather needs to make up it’s mind whether or not it’s going to be “Winter” or early spring!  We’ve had some of the loveliest spring feeling days the past few days, but then last night is was so cold!  I hear it will be pretty chilly this weekend too.  Georgia weather is all over the place! 😛

Yesterday I decided to practice French braiding once again…it turned out NOTHING like a French braid, but it looked pretty awesome!

Real quick: it is very hard and annoying trying to take a picture of the back of your head.


See?  It looks pretty interesting!  I finally got the hang of picking up more hair, but I braid inside-out, so it’s an accidental inside-out braid! 🙂

IMG_1315   IMG_1326

Well, now I need to go wash my hair and eat dinner!  Have a lovely Wednesday and stay safe and warm…or cool if the weather is warm! 😉  God bless.


(Hey look!  I’m in the mirror! 😀 )


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