Fun fun!


Learning a new language is SO MUCH FUN!!! 😀  ha ha!

I am thoroughly enjoying Italian.  Everyone should learn at least one other language from their own.  Hopefully I’ll be able to learn more then one!  I’d like to someday know Italian, French, Gaelic, and maybe even German or something harder to learn! 🙂

Today’s lesson I learned about common phrases like Arrivederci-Goodbye, Buonanotte-Goodnight, Ciao-Hello, etc…and also some more basics like Uomini-men, Noi siamo donne-we are women,  and more stuff like that.  It’s so enjoyable to be able to read these basic words and know what they mean.  I never thought it would be easy to learn another language, but Italian is not only easier then most languages to learn, but it’s fun and easy to pronounce! 😉

Anyway.  Not too much has been happening around here lately.  The new year has been good so far.  Not too busy but not dull either.  I hope for great accomplishments, whether big or small, and lots of happiness to come to us this year.  Especially much happiness and peace in our sweet home.

We took down our Christmas decorations this week.  Now we need to bring the tree outside and the holidays will be done at the Barger house!  Skylar and I went on a lovely walk this afternoon!  The weather was amazing and the walk was very nice.  I love walking!

Well, I must get some reading done!  I have two books to finish and I want to finish them ASAP so I can start a new book!  ha ha! 🙂  God bless and MUCH love…have a lovely rest of the week.



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