Woo hoo!!!  My blog just passed over 10,000 views! 😀  AWESOME!  Thank you people who stop by and add views to my blog!  Views are not what I truly care about for this blog, but it is quite astonishing to know that my little blog has been viewed that many times whether by someone accidentally coming across my blog or people checking everyday, et cetera.  Thank you. 🙂


On Friday, January 11th, Titus and Evelyn came over to visit!  It makes me overjoyed whenever they come over or I get to see them! 🙂  Titus is getting so big.  He is a cutie pie who always has a BIG smile to share with you and he’s starting to find his sweet baby laugh!  “Every time a baby laughs a fairy gets it’s wings…”


This first picture is of Cael (wow, my rooms so clean in the is picture!).  He is such a good boy and his hat is pretty awesome…


Sweet boy…my room is actually VERY clean and tidy right now (like anyone cares to know).


First we tried a “cousins” picture, but Titus was not up for the idea and Evvie was making faces at me.

IMG_1202   IMG_1203

Seriously.  She was making faces at me! 😉

IMG_1215   IMG_1222

Her hair is so pretty and her face looks so pudgy and cute when she sleeps!


They both fell asleep around the same time and were asleep for a while.

IMG_1231   IMG_1232

Evvie and Uncle Josh!  He got a haircut! 🙂


She was content with Josh then she wasn’t…


But mommy came to the rescue!


I personally love this picture!  She just got settled down and folded her little chubby baby arms in front of her.  *goodness*

IMG_1237  IMG_1246

Here are Titus’s cute little piggy-toes! 🙂

After they woke up we tried taking another group shot…


Here’s the first one.  Lovely mother’s, but their babies are not paying attention.


Close up on the babies: Titus is smiling at his toes and Evelyn is, yet again, making faces at me!  *what a stinker*


This one turned out the best.  Look at Titus’s feet (on the left)!  They are perfectly turned out, and Evvie’s are crossed, just like a lady. 😉

IMG_1255   IMG_1256

These picture are more focused on Titus, but in the first one I love Evvie’s expression!  She’s like “Hello?  Take a picture of me!”


Last, but not least (of the group shots)!  Goodness…we’ll try again another day. (Titus got mad at me because I took is pacifier away!)


Now, the next few baby pictures that are posted I’m going to interpret what the baby is thinking…


Sarah: *kiss kiss kiss* Evvie: “Seriously?!”


Sarah: *kissy kissy* Evvie: “Blah!”


Sarah: “Hi baby!” Evvie: “Holy crap!  You have something in your teeth!”


Evelyn: “Hey there, what’s your name?”


IMG_1269   IMG_1270

Evelyn and Uncle Adam


Uncle Adam made the baby cry…(she’s so cute when she’s crying!)


No more babies for today even though they are the cutest things! 🙂  I love babies!

Eli is a clay sculptor.  He has his very own box of nice modeling clay and he makes some pretty cool stuff!  Recently he made a Pokeball called a heavy ball and it turned out quite nicely.

IMG_1275   IMG_1277

He even made a Pokemon to go inside! 😀

IMG_1375   IMG_1376

Here’s a close up!

Today John, Eli, and I made some beeswax candles.  It’s very fun rolling the wax and the wick together and making all different kinds of candles!


These are all the candles we made today.  All different and unique!


The candle set is John’s actually, and he just got it today I believe.


The shorter ones look like colorful dynamite!


These are all the ones John made!

IMG_1333   IMG_1335

He made a tiny one, as you can see above, and I didn’t think it would light, but it did!

IMG_1337   IMG_1338

Eli put E’s on his. 🙂  The front of the blue candle has a Kirby on it which is the video game character from his favorite video game.


I made two candles.  John said everyone could make two candles, so that was very generous and kind of him!


A rainbow one and one with colorful shapes on it. 🙂  I made a different one with Sylvie a few days ago because she got a candle set for Christmas.


Here they are all lit!  Some of the candles wouldn’t light very well…isn’t John cute?!

IMG_1349   IMG_1350

I’ve been inspired by colors lately!  Soon I’m going to get together as much colorful stuff, a bunch of different stuff, and take some colorful and hopefully cool pictures!

IMG_1348   IMG_1351

Here’s is other tiny candle…


Ain’t it cute?!


John has been doing a lot of “experiments lately that contain water and food coloring…sounds messy but so far he hasn’t stained anything important.


I took a slow motion video of him dropping the coloring into the water.  It was pretty awesome!  SOMEDAY I’ll share videos on here!  I just need to figure it out first.

Well, not too much has been going on.  It’s just been wet!  I don’t mind the rain, but the weather needs to make up it’s mind whether or not it’s going to be “Winter” or early spring!  We’ve had some of the loveliest spring feeling days the past few days, but then last night is was so cold!  I hear it will be pretty chilly this weekend too.  Georgia weather is all over the place! 😛

Yesterday I decided to practice French braiding once again…it turned out NOTHING like a French braid, but it looked pretty awesome!

Real quick: it is very hard and annoying trying to take a picture of the back of your head.


See?  It looks pretty interesting!  I finally got the hang of picking up more hair, but I braid inside-out, so it’s an accidental inside-out braid! 🙂

IMG_1315   IMG_1326

Well, now I need to go wash my hair and eat dinner!  Have a lovely Wednesday and stay safe and warm…or cool if the weather is warm! 😉  God bless.


(Hey look!  I’m in the mirror! 😀 )


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  1. Jayne Huber
    Jan 16, 2013 @ 09:26:53

    YEAH!!! 10.0000 views- that is incredible, Jenny! I am so proud of you. I will tell you why I look at your blog- I LOVE IT!! I love the pictures- you have a future in photography! I love seeing my nieces and nephews and grand niece and nephew!! I love what you write- I see God’s Spirit in it as well- as it is in you! I love you and keep blogging!!


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