Lately I have had a spark of inspiration to get out my knitting and cross-stitching stuff and make something.  So far I have two knitting projects to get started.


I bought this book, Vintage Knits for Modern Babies,  in the summertime last year and have yet to make something from it.  There are TONS of adorable patterns in this book!


I want to make this baby bonnet.


And I also want to make these baby booties!

Okay, the two projects I’m getting ready to start are two pairs of baby slippers.  One pair for Evvie and a pair for our friends who recently had their first baby.


I’m going to make the slippers in the picture above for Evelyn.  I made her a hat in that coral color yarn, so soon she’ll have matching slippers too! 🙂


I’m not sure which pattern I’m going to use for the other pair of booties, but I’m most likely going to use this soft, beautiful, red Debbie Bliss yarn!


Just wanted to share that real quick!  Also, look at the AWESOME Ninja Girl picture Joshua drew for me!!!


Awesome, huh?!  *Thank you, Josh!* 🙂



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