An Extremely Wonderful Book

Yesterday afternoon I finished an absolutely marvelous book!

Jane Eyre!


It was such a wonderful book!  Some of you know that I started it last year in the spring, I believe it was…I lost it once and then I started a new book, but I decided that I absolutely had to finish this book!  So I did and it was wonderful!


The movies are okay (I recommend watching the BBC miniseries), but all of the Jane Eyre movies I’ve watched leave out a HUGE part of the story!  So, if you want the full story, read the book!  It’s a wonderful mix of romance, horror, thrill, mostly melancholy, but so so so SO good!!!  Also, it is not a predictable book (unless you’ve seen the movies).


The Bronte sisters were an odd bunch (so I’ve heard), and there were three sisters (out of six children), that were authors.  Charlotte Bronte (who wrote Jane Eyre, and only three other novels), Emily Bronte (who wrote Wuthering Heights), and Anne Bronte (who was not well known and died at the age of 29!).  I was reading about Charlotte and I read that she was married in January 1854, and she died in March 1855, at the age of 38.  I thought that was sad.


Anyway.  Jane Eyre is a wonderful book, and although it has it’s strange points and is a little depressing at parts, and 641 pages is intimidating, it is a good read and I truly recommend it!  (I also recommend reading it in a British accent!  It helps you understand it better for some reason!).


If you are anything like me, after finishing the book (or any book like Jane Eyre) you will be inspired to wear stockings and buckled shoes with a long button down skirt and lace blouse, pin your hair up nice and pretty, sit at your desk with candles lit, and compose a letter written with your best handwriting and sealed with wax…..*cough cough*…..

I hope this (finally) sunny weather brings much happiness to you today! 🙂


God bless!


P.S. If you click on the Bronte sisters names it will lead you to their Wikipedia pages where you can learn more about them yourself if you so desire.


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