Goodness!  I have had the time of my life trying to post on my blog the past week and a half!  I used my little camera the other day to take pictures and for some reason WordPress wasn’t allowing me to post those picture on my blog.  Well, I finally got my little computer to corporate and the pictures to load, so please enjoy!


This little booger has been visiting us a LOT lately, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! 🙂  Sweet baby.


I don’t know if anyone noticed, but the moon was full Saturday night, and it was beautiful!!! 🙂

IMG_0010   IMG_0023

So amazing!  The night time sky is beautiful; I love it!


I had a very fun time with John taking pictures of the lovely full moon.  It was very cold though!


On Saturday morning I woke up to a lovely sunrise, and if all of those trees were cut down I would of had the greatest view!  *Alas*

IMG_0058   IMG_0060

Skylar put up a fence by her green house, and all though it’s not completely sturdy, it is lovely and looks nice. 🙂  She put it up a few weeks ago.


Skylar and I went to the store a while ago and looked at the flowers and she bought these pink roses for half price because they were older ones that were going to die soon, so that was nice!  They were pretty when she brought them home and are just now going bad.


I love flowers.  I have taken a lot of flower pictures lately.

IMG_0063   IMG_0082

Flower pedals.


Here’s a moon picture from last week, on the 21st.


Not all the way full, obviously.


This is a little weed that I took a picture of last week on a beautiful January day!


I bought a red rose bush almost two weeks ago, and so far it’s growing well.  Not very pretty yet, but hopefully it will produce beautiful roses!  I can’t wait to post pictures of it once it gets bigger!


One day I hope to get beautiful red roses like this one.

IMG_0015   IMG_0029

I found a four leaf clover last week.  Two, actually!


Looking for four leaf clovers is a lot of fun.

IMG_0043   IMG_0045

A few “ring hearts”.  I saw a picture like this online and thought I’d try it.


I like this one.


I ate an ice cream cone outside in the freezing cold last week because it was so pretty outside, I couldn’t just sit inside!  It was yummy too.


Super Cael!  While the breeze was blowing Cael was saying “Maybe if I stand like this the wind will blow and I will fly!”. 😉

IMG_0077   IMG_0080

He is so cute!

IMG_0083   IMG_0084

He got cold and then started shaking his fists.


Look what Joshua drew for an art assignment!  It turned out really good.

Well, I have more pictures to share, but I’m going to share them later.  That’s all for now and I hope this January has been lovely for everyone.


Much love! 🙂



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  1. mom
    Jan 29, 2013 @ 00:42:35

    precious! Please don’t let Cael fly away!!


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