Hats hats hats!

Hats come in many different colors and patterns.  There are big hats and small hats, short hats and tall hats, and also really really pretty hats (and ugly ones)! 🙂  Well, if you haven’t guessed already, I am going to post about hats today because I love them and I just so happen to have a few hats.  So enjoy, and please let me know if you like hats too! 🙂

(NOTE: I apologize for the odd angles in the pictures!  I had the camera set up on my dresser instead of the tripod, and it was hard to function!)

IMG_1416   IMG_1417

First we have a big and beautiful sun hat!  It’s more of a fancy one, I think, and this one isn’t mine, but I liked it, so I am sharing it with you.  *Thanks for your hat Sylvie*


This hat I love, but I apologize for the picture!  It’s the only one I took and you can’t even see the flower on the side very well…whatever!  I got this hat at Target two years ago.

IMG_1437   IMG_1435

This is my lovely pink Paris hat!  My sisters, Bess and Sarah, bought this for me when they went to Paris.  It’s extra special. 🙂

IMG_1441   IMG_1449

This simple little sun hat I got in Charleston, SC., two years ago.  I love this hat!

IMG_1453   IMG_1458

Yet another sun hat…this one is very comfortable and lightweight.  I got it at Ace Hardware a few years ago.  The brim is nice and big and it keeps the sun out of your face.

IMG_1465   IMG_1472

Here is my 90’s floppy-denim hat!  I was so happy when I got this hat many years ago.  My older sister had one, so I thought I was so cool to match her!  (nice dazed look I have in the first pic, lol!)


This hat I don’t wear much, but it’s a cool hat.  The pattern I like a lot, but it gives you a headache after wearing it for too long!


I own three baseball hats, and this particular one is newer.  My dear friend, Hailee, gave it to me last year.  Baseball hats are nice, especially if you are working outside in the yard.  They make you feel sporty and cool. 😉

IMG_1490   IMG_1497

Here are two berets, both blue.  The one on the left I don’t care for very much, but I really don’t wear either of them anymore.


I LOVE this hat!  In 2011 I made this hat for myself, and it’s one of my very favorite hats.  (My hair looks so long in this picture!)


This beanie I got for Christmas.  I like it and have worn it once or twice.  The magnolia on it is pretty.


And lastly, I just recently bought this hat from my sister, Bess’s, Etsy shop!  It is a vintage hat and SUPER cute too! 🙂

IMG_0158   IMG_0154

(Obviously these last few pictures were taken on a different day)


There are my hats!  I hope you enjoyed them and the odd angled pictures. 😉  I’m not used to taking a bunch of pictures of myself or posting them either, so hopefully these pictures were decent.

I hope to expand my hat collection, shall we say, throughout the years.  Hats are very stylish and I enjoy them very much.  Hopefully I’ll find an outfit to wear my new hat with!


Oh yeah…I shot a gun! 🙂  It was AWESOME!!!


God bless and much love!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jayne Huber
    Jan 29, 2013 @ 12:14:46

    Love the hats! You are awesome!


  2. Hailee
    Jan 29, 2013 @ 12:49:49

    I LOVE the hats Jennifer.And you looked so professional in the picture from the shooting range:)


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