News and the Blues

Hello blog.  How have you been?  Well, I have been pretty good!  Not much has been going on around here and yet I feel so busy and tired all the time!  The weather has been so gloomy too that I’ve just wanted to sing the blues!  *sigh*


 (Me singing the blues…not really)

Valentines Day is in two days!  Not that I have anything “romantic” planned, but I intend to have an enjoyable day!  My sisters and I are going on a picnic! 😀  I think it will be fun, and hopefully Mr.Sun will come out and say hello!


(Pretty bouquet that is now dead)

Well, our dog, Judy, is expecting puppies in a few weeks (I believe), and once again I shall be on Puppy Picture Duty…*yay* 😉  They are pretty cute, I must admit, and as long as I don’t have to deal with the messy part of the job, I’ll be happy!


(Our cat, Clay)

If I could have a different eye color, I would want green.  Bright green!  Like Gracious, our adventurous little cat (her eyes are amazing!).


(Gracious and her big green eyes!)

Tomorrow I have a guitar lesson which I am pretty excited about because I haven’t had a lesson in a few weeks and I miss it!  I’ve learned that when I don’t listen to or play music during the week I get kind of bummed and depressed…music makes me happy and I’m glad it does because I love it! 🙂


(Cool tree blooms in the backyard)

I was reading a chapter today from the book Kisses from Katie and I was thinking about how badly I want to feel the Lord’s presence in my life like Katie Davis feels in her life in Uganda.  So many of the things she talks about and explains I can also accomplish in my life, it just takes me to trust God to do His work in my life and for me to follow Him.  I get so wrapped up in daydreams about an “easy” life with everything I need at my feet, but if you want to succeed you must work; if you want to get anywhere you must work for it!  If I want to truly feel the Lord’s presence, I need to really pay attention and read the bible and pray and worship Him!  (That was just on my mind!)


That’s all I have to say right now!  PLEASE shine sunshine!  We miss you.  It’s been so dreary.

Have a wonderful rest of the week, and may God bless your day!


(Male cardinal in the backyard a few days ago)

Much love!


P.S. I am going to post about cardinals SOON (probably tomorrow) because I had a dream and my dream came true…kind of.  I’ll explain later. 🙂


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