Yesterday was a beautiful day!  Besides the perfect weather (not too cold, not too warm), my sisters and I went on a very nice picnic!  We went to a little park a few minutes from our house and to our luck we had the whole place to ourselves! 🙂  The sky was big and blue and the grass was so green from all the rain we’ve had lately, and it was just lovely.

IMG_0724   IMG_0725

IMG_0729   IMG_0761

(Hopefully we can go to this park again sometime because it was very pretty!)


Susanna got everything together with a little help from us all.  Really, it was all her.  She bought all these cute Valentines Day stuff and made little finger sandwiches and everything!


Esme, Skylar, and Susanna

It was very pink and red, of course!  I was holding a bowl of Jello and Sylvie and I bumped each other and it splattered on my LIGHT blue dress and WHITE tights!  Luckily it did now stain my dress, but there is a little pink tint where it fell on my tights.  (Just thought I’d share that)

IMG_0805   IMG_0806

Chocolates, Ferrero Rocher, rice crispy treats, et cetera!  Yum! 🙂

IMG_0749 - Copy


Skylar was rocking her new blue shades and red lipstick! 😉

IMG_0753 - Copy


Es with her bubbling chocolate milk!

IMG_0752 - Copy

Aren’t the heart cups cute?!  She even got pink and white straws!  SO festive!

IMG_0792 - Copy

Look at this!  I zoomed into a jet flying across the sky!  I put a pink arrow pointing at it, if you can’t tell.

IMG_0756 - Copy


Here is Esme jumping with some hearts.  ha ha!

IMG_0826 - Copy


I was going to get a picture of all of us jumping, but the one of myself turned out really bad, and I forgot to get one of Skylar…*sorry Sky!*

IMG_0831 - Copy


Of course Susanna has a pretty awesome pose!  I like this picture.

IMG_0838 - Copy

Well, that was our lovely Valentines Day!  I hope you all had a glorious day yesterday as well.


On our picnic I got some great pictures of birds!  I don’t mean to be bird crazy or anything, but I really enjoy photographing birds, and these pics are AWESOME!

IMG_0835 - Copy

The first bird here is a vulture.  Not a very attractive bird, but I like how this pictures turned out. 🙂

IMG_0822 - Copy

Next up is a charming little Eastern Bluebird!  I will have to say that I was SO excited to have captured this picture!  I have been wanting to take a picture of this bird for a while now, and thanks to Sylvie I saw the bird just in time before it flew away.

IMG_0823 - Copy

It’s so pretty!

IMG_0772 - Copy

Last, but not least, this lovely hawk sat so still in the tree and let me get some stunning shots of it (hawks usually sit still).

IMG_0774 - Copy   IMG_0775 - Copy

I love hawks.  They are such strong and beautiful birds.

IMG_0776 - Copy

If I was a bird I would want to be a hawk…or a cardinal. 😉

IMG_0780 - Copy

Today was beautiful weather as well!  I wish I had spent more time outside today!  Hopefully tomorrow will be nice (I hear there might be some morning snow!).


One more story from yesterday then I’ll be off!  Before dinner Skylar and I went on a walk.  The weather was so nice and we left just in time to watch the sunset!  As we walked up our neighborhood, a huge flock of little blackbirds flew over us and we stood still to watch them and as we watched them fly away all we could hear was the pitter-pattering of their wings flapping!  It was almost magical! 🙂

Well, Bess and Evelyn just arrived, so I am going to visit with them and then eat dinner and then do something else!  I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and may the Lord be with you.


Much Love,


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