Puppies (once again)!

Well, as you might be able to tell from the title of this post, we have more puppies! 🙂  Yes, Judy had eight puppies yesterday.  Six boys and two girls, and they are all so CUTE!  (I don’t understand why they have to grow up into big, slobbery, smelling dogs!?!)  Oh well…


We had the first out of many photo shoots with them today, and you can click here to find out more about puppies and to see all the individual pictures that we took (you can also view last years litters here).


The past few days we have had some lovely weather!  Sunday was decent weather, but very cold.  Monday and Tuesday were brilliant though!  I spent a lot of my time outside on Monday and Tuesday and wanted to yesterday (and today), but by the time a made it outside it was very gloomy.


This picture was taken Monday.  I’ve probably said this before and will probably say it again after this, but I love the sky!

IMG_0849 - Copy

If you click on this picture to enlarge it you can see that there are little black speckles all over it!  I wish I had gotten a better picture, but these little birds flew over my head so quickly that I didn’t even know I took a picture of them until I loaded my picture on the computer! 🙂


Here’s the marvelous moon up in the sky on Monday right before the sun set all the way.  It’s fun taking a picture like this; the moon with the blue sky instead of the dark night sky!


Here’s a random thing (but it was delicious!).  I made chicken, broccoli and rice  with teriyaki sauce for lunch and it was quite satisfying. 😉


On to other things.  Spring, I am very happy to say, is appearing all around our yard!  I do enjoy the cold winter weather, but cool breezy spring weather is so wonderful!

IMG_1022   IMG_1023

The crocuses are blooming and they are so pretty!


There are daffodils and other bulbs that are sprouting all around.  Skylar planted TONS of bulbs earlier this winter, so our yard will be quite colorful (I hope)!

IMG_1029   IMG_1035

We have always had lots of crocuses planted around our yard.


They are cute little flowers, and quite photogenic! 🙂

IMG_1040   IMG_1043

The weather was nice today, even though the sky was cloudy.  At least it didn’t rain.


(This little gnome looks very cozy)


Have I introduced you, Blog, to my rose yet (I don’t remember)?  Well, here it is!  Soon it will be bigger and full of red roses!  I cannot wait!


It’s doing pretty well and there are lots of pretty new buds on it.


Daffodils are such friendly looking flowers.  This particular bulb has been planted along our driveway for many years.


So yellow!


I personally like the white and yellow daffodils best.


Flowers are wonderful!


Before I sign off I must share a short little story.  John had something of Cael’s hanging out of his mouth, and Cael did not like the sight of it, so he went over to John and yanked it from his mouth and John came running into mom’s room and said “Cael punched out my tooth!” and sure enough John’s mouth was a little bloody, and there was a tooth in his hand!  Ha ha! 😀  (The tooth was already loose, and as Cael says, he was just trying to help his tooth fall out faster!  Lol!)



I hope spring is finding it’s way into your yard as well.  Have a wonderful evening and I hope your weekend is blessed with a cool breeze and lots of sunshine!


God bless!



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