Book Review: Ruby Holler by Sharon Creech


Let me start by saying that Sharon Creech is an author who’s work I thoroughly enjoy.  One of my favorite books of hers, and favorite read in general, is Chasing Redbird.  The story is so good and weird and almost realistic in a very unrealistic way, if that makes sense! 🙂

With that said, the other day I finished reading one of Ms.Creech’s books called Ruby Holler, and I will have to say that I was quite disappointed with it!  The book is about twins, Dallas (brother) and Florida (sister), and they are orphans.  They live at the Boxton Creek Home which is a small orphanage owned by a couple named the Trepids who don’t particularly like children (sounds interesting so far).  The twins have a history of being troublesome at their adopted homes, so more then once families who have taken them in have brought them back to the Home because they were “trouble twins”, as they are more commonly referred.

As the book progresses, they finally get adopted by an older couple, Tiller and Sairy, who are very excited to have kids again (well, Sairy is.  Not so much Tiller at first, but he likes them pretty quickly).  Their kids have grown up and gotten married and moved away.  The older couple lives in a small cabin with no electricity and that cabin is located in Ruby Holler which is a lovely piece of property out in the middle of nowhere and has been owned by Tiller’s family for many years.  The twins are very reluctant at first and they assume that Tiller and Sairy will bring them back to the Home because of the trouble they seem to make everywhere else, but they are surprised to find out that Tiller and Sairy really enjoy their company, are willing to be patient and kind to them, and wish them both to stay at the holler.

A few different characters pop in and out of the book and the chapters go back and forth from Ruby Holler and the Boxton Creek Home.  Mr.Trepid is the “bad guy” of the book, shall we say, and he finds out that the older couple has a stash of money hidden somewhere under some stones in the holler, so he hires a man named Z to help him locate it, not knowing that Z is a decent friend of Sairy and Tiller’s and is also their closet neighbor since the holler is not exactly near civilization.

Anyway.  The book wasn’t horrible, but it ended on a very strange note and it kind of leaves you hanging and thinking “Well, what’s going to happen to that guy?…How do they end up?” etc.  Sharon Creech is more of an odd author; she sometimes makes no sense whatsoever in her books, but she has some really great stories, and I enjoy her writing!  My favorites of her books are:  Chasing Redbird, The Wanderer, Absolutely Normal Chaos, and The Castle Corona.  Each of these books has some oddness to them, but I enjoy them and recommend them to anyone who wants to read something different.

Well, I am going to start a new book now and also get started on cleaning up my room.  I’m going to rearrange the furniture once again and hopefully it will turn out nice and maneuverable!  I hope the rest of this day is lovely for you all, and I hope everyone is getting used to daylight savings!  Yay! 🙂  I love daylight savings because it makes it easier for me to wake up earlier AND the days last longer!


(Look at that baby!  Oh my goodness!)

Much love and God bless!  I have more blog posts coming soon, so stay tuned.



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  1. mom
    Mar 14, 2013 @ 09:00:18

    Great job with the book review. It makes me want to read some Sharon Creech! I think I would like to move to a cabin in the middle of nowhere, with no electricity. For a few minutes. I guess I would be bringing my own civilization with me! Love you. Mom


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