Hair Bow!

Yesterday I made a hair bow! 🙂


I watched a video on how to make some hair accessories so I thought I’d try it out because I just so happened to have some fabric on hand!  I meant to take some step-by-step pictures, but I forgot while I was making it, so below there is the tutorial video that I watched for anyone who’s interested.


It turned out very nicely!  I wore it yesterday. 😉


I made it a little smaller then the girl in the video made hers and it’s a good size!  Not too huge or anything.

IMG_0112   IMG_0113

They are really fun to make, if you like bows, and easy too!  I substituted most of the hot glue with a needle and some thread just because I thought it would probably last longer if you sewed it rather then hot-glued it!  (The tutorial starts at 1 minutes and 50 seconds, and ends around 4:34…the girl talks a lot!)



Skylar got me some pansies a few days ago!  I need to bring them outside.  They make me very happy! 😀


Aren’t they pretty?!


Well that’s all I have to share right now!  I’m so happy that the weather is nice today so far!  The rain made me sad yesterday after having such lovely weather last week.  Much love and God bless.


(Another cute baby picture!  Little Evvie!)



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