Spring is Here!

Although today is not as bright and sunny as I had hoped it would be, spring time is upon us! 🙂

IMG_0423 1

All of the flowers are in bloom!  Whether just blossoms are fulling blooming, they are all beautiful!

IMG_0422 - Copy 2

March 20th (today) is the OFFICIAL first day of Spring!!!

IMG_0432 - Copy 3  IMG_0435 - Copy 4

We got two peach trees and the flowers on them are beautiful!  I have been taking way more pictures of them then I need.

IMG_0505 - Copy 5

We also have a few yellow crocuses that are growing in the garden.  I have never seen a yellow crocus before!  Usually we have the purple and white ones.

IMG_0540 6

I was very glad that it was sunny and warm yesterday because I really wanted to take some pictures with the sun out!  It’s so hard to get a good picture of flowers when it’s gloomy out.

IMG_0553 - Copy 7  IMG_0556 8

Spring weather is the perfect weather.  Not too cold not too hot, warm and sunny, nice shade and breeze…*sigh*  I wish it was spring all year!

IMG_0545 - Copy 9

I guess I took too many pictures of the yellow crocuses too! 🙂

IMG_0549 10

The puppies are getting bigger and bigger and closer and closer to going to their new homes!  *Yay*  They are very cute, but it’s always nice to have the peace and quiet back when the puppies are gone.

IMG_0565 - Copy 11

We have a lot of fruit bearing plants this year.  Blueberries, peaches, strawberries, and our apple trees which we’ve had for a LONG time!  I’m excited to (hopefully) harvest a lot of yummy fruits!

IMG_0566 - Copy 12  IMG_0567 - Copy 13

A heart! 😀  I like these pictures.

IMG_0568 - Copy 14

Since the weather has been so lovely recently, my siblings and I have been outside roller blading a lot!  We love to roller blade!

IMG_0571 15

Isn’t it amazing how delicate and pretty the flowers are?  Some people might not care much, but flowers are just so pretty!  I thank the Lord for giving us beautiful flowers to look at!  Just one more marvelous thing from His imagination.

IMG_0570 16


There have been a lot of babies at our house lately!  Bessie and Evvie spent the weekend with us, and it was weird when Evvie was taking a nap or sleeping because we, or I, am not used to having a sleeping baby in the house anymore where you have to be quiet!  Anyway…it was fun to have those two stinkers here. 😉

IMG_0388   IMG_0389

Titus came over a few days ago and was absolutely overjoyed to see Uncle John! 🙂


He’s getting too big for his own good!  Already starting to sit up all by himself.  I can’t believe he’s half a year old!?!


So cute!  (John needs a haircut!)

IMG_0401   IMG_0404

What precious boys!  I don’t even know how to say how grateful I am to be an Aunt to such lovely babies.


Mr.T was also very excited to see the puppies!  It was so adorable seeing him react to all of the wiggly, crazy, puppies!


And here he is all ready to go home and smiling at his mommy! 😉


Well, it seems like the sun might decide to show itself after all!  I have to get going with some stuff though, so I hope you’ve enjoyed this post!  May you enjoy the lovely spring weather, and may the spring weather stick around for a while!


(Gracious shoved her face in my camera!)

IMG_4450 17

God bless, and much love.


P.S. Please leave a comment telling me which flower picture(s) is your favorite. I’m entering a contest and am having a hard time deciding…these are just a few of the pictures I’m trying to decide from.  Thank you! 😀  (There is a number by each picture to make is easier.)


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Jayne Huber
    Mar 20, 2013 @ 16:43:50

    Well- def. #17 is my fav! The colors/angle, etc. are the best!!
    I also love the pic of Titus and John! And thanks for reminding me today is officially
    SPRING!! I needed that today- I have been with Betsy all day at the cancer center and am worn out- so this brightened my day!
    I love you!!


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