Spring Time Fun

Hello Blog!  Hope this rainy day will be nice and peaceful for you, and I hope the weeks LOVELY spring weather has been very enjoyable for you!  Enjoy some pictures…


More flowers!!!!!

Above are some Johnny Jump Ups, a type of Viola, that are in bloom in the garden right now.  I always called them Pansies because they look so similar!


Pea plants in bloom.  Don’t they look like little bonnets?! 🙂


I found John’s garden, by the way.  Here are some sunflowers he planted and they seem to be growing very well (sorry if they are hard to see).

He and Eli both planted cow peas, but Eli’s seem to be growing much better then John’s so far.


Bleeding Hearts!  We bought a bleeding heart plant and Skylar also found a little  one growing in her garden.  I love this plant.


My pansies are growing quite nicely, although they are getting quite “stemmy”…not enough flowers and too many stems and leaves!  Ah well!

IMG_1786   IMG_1792

The tulips have just been gorgeous!  I can’t stop taking pictures of them!

IMG_1801   IMG_1803

So lovely.

IMG_1805   IMG_1814

Also, these Columbine flowers are SO cool!  They look like they should be in a fairy tale book.


So do these…


Very enchanting and “magical” looking flowers if I do say so myself!  This plant is called Fuschia for those of you who might be wondering. 🙂


Azaleas are EVERYWHERE, and I wish, wish wish wish, I had gotten a picture of the mini ones at the front of our neighborhood!  They were very beautiful!

IMG_1849   IMG_1860

Lovely flowers, but I do believe that I am quite sick of them because they literally are everywhere!


Last flower (for now)!  If I do remember correctly, this is a lilac plant.  It’s very pretty.

I have four buds on my red rose bush and I am SO so so so so so so SO excited about them all blooming!  Yay!


Yesterday I went on a day trip with my friend and her family and we went to Amicalola Falls!  It was lovely.  The weather was perfect, the park wasn’t too crowded, and the hike up to the falls was great!  I did a lot better then I thought I would, and now I feel quite stretched out and energized!  I’m surprised to find myself not very sore.


Here is one out of two pictures that I got with my little camera…sadly, I lent my camera to someone and got it back slightly broken so it wouldn’t turn on or off very well.  *sniff sniff*


These next two pictures I took with my phone and was very happy that they turned out decent!


It was very pretty.

Next picture is the best one *thank you little camera!*…


Ta DA!  Amicalola Falls!  Even though the walk up to this point in the falls was strenuous and tiring, it was very much worth it.  Once you got to this bridge that I’m standing on while taking this picture, you feel a cool breeze and get little sprinkles of water from the falls on your skin and it’s SO nice after the long, sunny, hike!

Going back down the trail is a bit steep, but I am very happy that the weather was pretty much perfect, AND that I wore shorts!  Knowing me, if I hadn’t have worn shorts I would have probably had a much more miserable time hiking.


Dear Blog, I feel like I have been very lazy with you.  I apologize for only posting about flowers lately with the occasional story about something!  There is just not a lot going on in my life or the world around me that I care to blog about!  I don’t write about every single thing on my blog (obviously), and I have my journal to complain to or let my mind spill out onto it’s pages!  My life is just not very full of stuff right now even though I feel busy, and I haven’t been writing many poems or stories or anything lately, and I have not felt creative to post about drawing or crafts, etc!  So, I apologize, and if you are quite tired of flowers, I understand.  I hope to be and or feel inspired soon and have lots of things to post about, but until then I will post about all the spring flowers because they make me happy. 🙂

Much love, and God bless this day!

He gives power to the faint, and to him who has no might he increases strength.  Even youths shall faint and be weary, and young men shall fall exhausted; but they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.

Isaiah 40:29-31 (ESV)



Bessie Art Giveaway!

Hello dear blog!  My sister, Bess,  is having an awesome giveaway over at her blog!!!  You should check it out!

She is giving away three things to three different people, and of course even I hope to get my hands on something! 🙂



Have a great day, and God bless!


Loveliest Garden


Apple Blossoms


Red Rose


Blueberry Buds


A bed of Tulips (and Skylar’s lovely hair!)

IMG_1543   IMG_1547

Pink Tulips.  They are my favorite!


Pink Tulip

IMG_1554   IMG_1562

Yellow and Red Tulips


One more Pink Tulip!

IMG_1564   IMG_1565

Apple Buds and Blossoms




Apple Blossoms

IMG_1720   IMG_1723

Two different Columbine Flowers


Lastly, Bleeding Hearts, one of my very favorite flowers.


Right now I am reading Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, and I will say right now that I highly recommend these books!  I have grown up watching Alice in Wonderland and thought that it’s about time to read the book, and I’m very happy with it so far.  Even though the movies are good the books are usually always better!


All of these flower pictures were slightly inspired by the “lovely garden” in the book.  Really, there is just so much new life and so many flowers and plants growing in our yard that I wanted to share them because they make me very happy.


The book is so good!


I am very excited to report that my rose bush has three buds on it!

IMG_1602   IMG_1604

There’s two out of the three!  I am very excited about them blooming and hopefully getting some beautiful and fragrant roses from them!

IMG_1609   IMG_1606

Yesterday I cut some tulips for my friend and her family.  Of course, I took some picture of them!  They just look so fake (and pretty)!  It’s even hard for me to believe that they came from our yard, even though I cut them myself!


It feels as if I meant to post something else, but I can’t seem to remember what that was?  Alas…well today is so beautiful so I am going to go out and enjoy the weather while I can!  I have to go to bed very earlier tonight because I’m going to the airport with my mom tomorrow morning to ship of a puppy to Canada!  It should be fun…maybe.

Have a glorious rest of this very lovely golden afternoon, and I hope everyone’s gardens are blooming and growing well!  Much love and God bless.


Enjoy the Alice in Wonderland video below!



Thank you Lord for the absolutely, perfect, amazing, weather you have provided for us the past two days!  THANK YOU!

I don’t know about you, but yesterday was probably one of the most perfect days, weather wise (well, it was a good day all in all!).  The cool breezes and clean, pollen-free air from all the rain!  I only wish that every day, for at the three months, could be like yesterday!  Today it is a little warmer, but it is still lovely! 🙂


The storm on Thursday made the pansies a bit sad, but they are looking better then that today!


The storm made everything so bright and green and alive looking!  It was very catching to the eye if I do say so myself.


The tulips that Skylar planted are in bloom, and I am super excited!  We’ve never had tulips growing in our yard before (to my knowledge, anyway)!

IMG_1369   IMG_1371

So lovely.


The kids have all started their own little gardens over in our side yard by the greenhouse.  This one is Esme’s…I don’t know what she’s growing other then marigolds.


That is Eli’s sign, but I’m not definite on where his garden is…


Cael’s garden is simply called “My Garden” and I don’t know what he’s planting either!


This big, lovely, marigold is Cael’s though!  I guess he’ll plant that in his garden to keep the little buggies away!


And here is Sylvie’s garden very nicely set up with small stones around the perimeter.  She’s planting cantaloupes and I THINK some flowers??!  I should have made a note of what every one is planting before posting it…oh well! 😉


This is a pretty pink dahlia which belongs to Sylvie, I believe.  Dahlias are pretty flowers!


Okay…usually things like this which involve bugs and nests and stuff really grosses me out, but I spotted this little inchworm/silkworm (don’t know exactly what they’re called) nest and it actually was very cool to me!  So I took a picture of it, obviously!  (Sorry if it grosses anyone out!)


 Tulips again.  They are such nice cutting flowers.  I love planting cutting flowers because then it makes it much easier to cut them and put them in a vase on the table!  ha ha


Little turtle seems to be handling our crazy home pretty well!  Besides a funny looking eye which just might be from when he jumped out of my hands…*cough cough*


I took this picture using my super zooming abilities on my camera!  (I should have taken a picture to show how far away I was from this tree, ah well!)


Pretty dogwood flowers.


These lovely azaleas!  There is something about this particular plant in our yard that brings back a lot of memories and makes me very happy whenever it’s in bloom.


I’ve always loved these flowers.

IMG_1426   IMG_1430

See this tree?  The big one with the big long whole in it?  Well, as of recently the residence of that tree is a couple of beautiful broad winged or red tail (or something other kind of) hawks!  I have yet to get a good picture of them though, but they have been flying around and sitting up in the tree tops.

IMG_1439   IMG_1446

Yesterday I found a four-leaf-clover and a FIVE-leaf-clover! 😀

IMG_1442   IMG_1443

I tried to take a picture of that dandelion, but it just didn’t want to get into focus!  It was bright outside too, so I couldn’t quite tell what was in focus and what wasn’t.


Took this from my bedroom window.  I like the way those things look, but I don’t like the pollen they drop.



Time to tidy up my messy bedroom and then maybe spend some time outside.  I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather the past few days, so I hope I’m not getting sick.  Probably just allergies.

Much love and God bless!  Have a wonderful weekend.


P.S. Oh yeah, the little turtle is an Eastern chicken turtle, not a Western. 🙂

Little Turd

My dad went on a walk yesterday and as he was walking along he found a little friend who is now set up in a semi permanent home on our counter next to the fire belly toads…


His name (so far) is “Turd”.  ha ha! 🙂  (No one has settled on that though)


He (or she) is a Western Chicken Turtle, and apparently it is named that because it tastes like chicken…who would’ve guessed?!


It’s a baby and it is so small!  I was holding it last night and it’s tiny little back legs pushed against my hand and he hopped out of my fingers!  He’s fine though.


If it’s a boy then we’re going to keep it for a while, but if it’s a girl we can’t keep it because once they get bigger the female needs at least a 100 gallon tank to live in!  I don’t think we necessarily need something else to take care of, but our family isn’t one to turn things away, especially a baby turtle!


(Sorry for the slight blur in these pictures!  My camera wasn’t focusing so well)


Well I just wanted to share that real quick!  I hope this day brings much joy, peace, and happiness to you all.  Enjoy the lovely weather before it starts to rain!

God bless,


Post #160

Camera Case #2, and…the Sun!

I completely forgot to share my second camera case with you, blog!  Well here it is.


I really like it, but I don’t think I’m going to use it for a camera case.


It came a few weeks ago, maybe 2 months ago!  The inside is striped and it has lots of snaps on it and it came with a camera strap.


The reason I won’t really be using it for a camera case is because it doesn’t close too well when my camera is in it.  It’s pretty narrow so it will work better for me as a bag for whatever! 🙂  I like it though.


The weather has been lovely.  So sunny and warm!  I have been trying to stay out for a good bit so that I will get a little bit of sunshine on my skin!  I’m not interested in tanning or getting dark, but I am a little too pale in my personal opinion, so I choose to read outside rather then inside.  Besides, I got my mother’s skin which just so happens to tan very well, so why keep it so white?! 😉

I haven’t taken a picture yet, but our two little quail have laid two TINY eggs!  Well, the female laid two tiny eggs.  They are so small, a little bigger then a quarter.

Well, I’m going to finish my laundry and also finish a book!  I have a few more chapters to go…God bless,



Melt Your Heart

Have you ever seen something so wonderful that it makes your heart melt or leap?  Or have you ever seen anything so cute that you pretty much don’t know why you should live anymore because you could never be as cute as what you saw?  Well…drum roll please…..



IMG_1114 - Copy

Yes, this is a real baby.  She is my niece too, did I mention?!  And I am a very proud and happy Aunt! 🙂


She is so cute and that flower headband is adorable and pretty much the size of her sweet little head!

IMG_1116   IMG_1117

My mom bought the flower for her and she just so happened to be wearing the same color pink when they came over.  It was perfect.  So I took a lot of pictures.



Babies make me happy.  Especially when they are my sister’s babies!  Titus and Evelyn are joys in my life whether they are crying in my arms or laughing at the distorted facial expressions I make.



Evvie has a sock monkey doll like the pink sock monkey on her bib and she adores it!  She laughs at it and goo-goo gaa-gaa’s to it.


Two beautiful people!  She’s looking so much like Bessie, but she makes some expressions which bring out the Davis in her.  She’s so cute!



Okay…I can hardly stand it anymore!  She’s killing me.


Well, the puppies are leaving for their new homes this week!  They will all be gone except two which will be picked up within the next week or so.  Right now there are only four puppies at home which is FINE with me!  It’s not that I hate them, I just don’t like them.  Even though they are “cute” (not close to as cute as Evvie!) I don’t like them when they’re all big and slobbery and smelly and loud!  Anyway…


Bye bye puppies!  It’s been nice knowing ya!

IMG_1214   IMG_1212


Also, the boys got these little plastic bears from our Grandma that when you put them in the sun, they shake from side to side.  They are pretty funny!


The one on the right end is ALWAYS swaying opposite of the other two though and that REALLY bugs me!  Oh well…I guess he’s his own little bear doing his own little bear shake!


One more thing…you might be wondering why I took this picture of the stuff in my bathroom, but if you can’t tell, there is a heart on the shelf!  I set down my nail brush after scrubbing my finger nails and it dripped a little heart shaped water mark onto the shelf, so I took a picture.  Ha ha! 😉

I’m going outside now!  Enough morning wasted!  Goodbye for now blog, I shall post again sometime.  Until then, look at the baby pictures again because they will make you happy, and if they don’t, you are a very strange being.


God Bless,