Camera Case #2, and…the Sun!

I completely forgot to share my second camera case with you, blog!  Well here it is.


I really like it, but I don’t think I’m going to use it for a camera case.


It came a few weeks ago, maybe 2 months ago!  The inside is striped and it has lots of snaps on it and it came with a camera strap.


The reason I won’t really be using it for a camera case is because it doesn’t close too well when my camera is in it.  It’s pretty narrow so it will work better for me as a bag for whatever! 🙂  I like it though.


The weather has been lovely.  So sunny and warm!  I have been trying to stay out for a good bit so that I will get a little bit of sunshine on my skin!  I’m not interested in tanning or getting dark, but I am a little too pale in my personal opinion, so I choose to read outside rather then inside.  Besides, I got my mother’s skin which just so happens to tan very well, so why keep it so white?! 😉

I haven’t taken a picture yet, but our two little quail have laid two TINY eggs!  Well, the female laid two tiny eggs.  They are so small, a little bigger then a quarter.

Well, I’m going to finish my laundry and also finish a book!  I have a few more chapters to go…God bless,




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